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28 Aug 2015 09:02

Are you anticipating that 1.97 will be compatible with the 1.20 update even when it comes out of beta? Should I hold off downloading it for now?

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28 Aug 2015 12:10

ProMods 1.20 will work with official release of 1.20 when it's out of beta.
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28 Aug 2015 14:41

Reply above me should be Promods 1.97 will be compatible with official ETS2 1.20 release (it also works with beta, will continue to work after it is out of beta)

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29 Aug 2015 19:38

Not a good idea with .exe file.
It'll be deleted as potentially dangerous.

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29 Aug 2015 22:03

Why would it be deleted?
It's an exe an extractor (7zip) so it shouldn't be deleted.
It is explained in topic of 1.97 released that the exe is to extract.

Never seen my internet security block or quarantine it so I do not think that will happen, nothing in it is dangerous.

So do not understand why it should be deleted, if people read topic where it is explained then there should be no problem.

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29 Aug 2015 22:15

Besides, you don't need to use the EXE and just use 7zip itself. The EXE is only there to make it easier to extract the multi-volume package ;)
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30 Aug 2015 09:09

Yeah, and it is a great idea. Just click on .exe file, and everything os extracted immidiately. I hope you will not quit with this feature!

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10 Jan 2017 23:28

How can i get a def file for promods 1.97? I don't want to download newer version than 1.97, because i play ets2 1.20.1. My pc is not strong enough for newer ets2 versions.

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10 Jan 2017 23:46

Links for older versions are always here: compat.php
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11 Jan 2017 07:59

LInks for 1.97 don't work, everytime i'm sent to i see error message and after few seconds before download should start, i see only text "19" on screen. I tried with both browsers i have, i can't download.

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