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02 Feb 2016 19:49

Sorry to say RusMap killed the game, or I didn't get the mod order right, or something... it installed OK, Mod Manager recognised it, I tried to reproduce recommended mod order found online but the game started crashing every minute or so, even though I was in Germany nowhere near PM2 or RusMap territory. Pulled it all back out again and will regroup and do some experiments when I have more play time.
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04 Feb 2016 22:12

What load order were you trying to use? Odds are it's user error or a bad download/install. I've been running RusMap + ProMods together successfully for many versions now. No crashes here.

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05 Feb 2016 00:31

I found a remarkable -- even scary -- pdf doc here


and just for grins, got all the pieces and set up one of my profiles, a "blank" new one, with the whole enchilada, except EAA which I'm not all that interested in. This probably counts as ETS2 abuse, but I was curious.

Amazingly, the game ran OK (I actually didn't drive around, I flew around in dev/god mode for a quick check on Moscow and Cairo). The fonts were not trashed :-) but oh boy, were there ever texture issues. Downtown Moscow looked like litterbug paradise because some kind of streetsign texture had got in among one type of grass, so all the lawns were covered with little white rectangles... near Cairo, what probably were agricultural fields were instead painted with some company logo, and better yet, the entire sky in one direction was a vast hotel chain logo! I took a few snapshots just because it was so surreal. this was before penguinaz released opengl patch v2 for rusmap, so I have to try again!

So I see now what "texture corruption" looks like! Anyhow, that was just a wild experiment to see how many mods I could pile on. [I wish that the list-o-mods could be saved as a config file and loaded again selectively by name, so I could xerox a list of mods from one profile to another, have different mod configs for different sessions, etc. Is this already possible and I just haven't stumbled on it yet? it's a pretty tedious manual business configuring that long list and getting the order correct...]

Anyway, in normal life I do not load 30 or 40 maps! I only load PM2 plus "safe" other mods like jazzycat's trailers and traffic, abass's flares and SISL's patch for that, realistic raindrops, improved physics. that's about it. I did read a while back that jazzy's large trailers can cause problems in PM2 somewhere -- Stockholm tunnel was it? -- so I guess that might explain my Finland issues....

EDIT: after opengl patch v2 for rusmap, Moscow looks waaay better. Cairo looking better too, but there are still some misplaced textures (on the ground only, as far as I could tell); Moscow looked normal as far as I bothered to fly around. interestingly my flying speed seemed far faster in Moscow than in Cairo... ??? ... I didn't change anything :-)
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22 Feb 2016 11:10

May I ask which Brazil map mods are compatible with promods since there are many of them. :D
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25 Feb 2016 20:16

Hi, anyone know how connect EAA to PM2.01 nad RusMap ? I try different combinations and each time game crash.
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26 Feb 2016 21:47

Piva Weather Mod v2.2 works fine with Promods 2.0.1.
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19 Mar 2016 18:59

my current load order:

Code: Select all

Abasstrepps Flare Pack 1.0
realistic weather sounds v1.7.4
Route Advisor_KAAC_SBM_CenterTop_1LTT_WF_MB
trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.8 Deutsch
trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.8 Part 2
trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.8 Part 1
abasstreppas wheel pack 2.0 addons
abasstreppas wheel pack 2.0
50keda Wheel pack
Renault Open Pipe Sound
MAN TGX Open Pipe Sound
Mercedes MP4_stock sound_1.20
DAF XF 105 sound
DAF XF Euro 6 stock sound (Kriechbaum)
Sisu R500 Cummins N14 and C15 sound Mod (Kriechbaum)
L6 Sound Mod for Scania (Kiechbaum)
Scania V8 Sound v8.5 (Kriechbaum) for P & G Cabs
Scania V8 Sound v8.5 (Kriechbaum)
FH16 & 2012 L6 Open Pipe sound
Volvo Open Pipe Sound (Kriechbaum)
DAF XF 105 by 50k - Extras Cabin Accessories
50k_DAF_XF v 3.4.1
Cabin accessorries DLC MAN TGX Euro6
Backbumper Custom RJL Mod V2
RJL's Scania Tuning Mod Necromancy v4.1
RJL's Scania T Accessories Remoled v3.5
GTM P & G Series Cabs for RJL Scania R & Streamline
VOLVO VNL670 DLC Adapted
VOLVO VNL670 (1.25)
Real airline mod
Real company logo v2.4.1 Trailers
Real company logo v2.4.1 
Foggy Weather
Mild Winter Mod
Zoom for 1.22, PM 2.0, PB 1.02, RM.1.6, ROS 24
ProRus v2.00 Satellite Map
Promods-Russian Open Spaces Snow Terrain Fix
ProMods 2.0 + RusMap Road Connection
Map 20 Connection Fix for RusMap 1.6.1 + ROS 2.4
Map 20 Def Package
RusMap Map Package
RusMap Model Package
Project Balkans Def Package
Project Balkans Map Package
Project Balkans Assets Package
ProMods 2.01 Definition Package
ProMods 2.01 Map Package
ProMods 2.01 Media Package
ProMods 2.01 Models Package 2
ProMods 2.01 Models Package 1
ProMods 2.01 Assets Package
RusMap Def Package
Russian Open Spaces Deutsch
Russian Open Spaces
Russian Open Spaces Map
Russian Open Spaces Model
The Patch01_EAA_3_1 to gt EAA 3.01. working with PM2.01 can be found here in video description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AR7v0ZwP6I

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24 Mar 2016 03:58

After having the Promods and Rusmap together installed and figuring out that issue it being Rusmap fault in the end on this one. The landmasses and countries don't aligned up with the roads and cities.

Thus being, I believe Rusmaps in visually stance for map viewing purposes is incompatible. Unless there is fix for this or load order way in game for it. I made a thread question asking for an answer on this problem.

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03 Apr 2016 20:28

I would like to know what def mods you have done I have my own economy mod and was wondering if this would conflict with your map.

Thanks in advance

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02 May 2016 14:53

I miss a road between Siedlce (Poland) and Pinsk (Russia)
I have to go all the way to Stockholm/St.Petersburg to Babruysk (Russia)
is there something missing here?

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