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03 Jun 2017 10:40

@06 radcho

Just look in here:
You must download the fix and place EAA [Normal or BUS] below EVERYTHING!

Also, placing them on the compatibiliy tab has been discussed... But there is no cooperation between the two teams, not many people use them with PM, ROS is off scale, and they have overlapping models, prefabs, you name it! :|
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06 Jun 2017 07:10

Yesterday i was testing ROS 4.0 with Promods/RusMap/Southern Region/Project Balkans and PM small extension.. all works great, only need to find zoom patch :) Some east ROS teritories cant be shown in map, but all europe/russia map is correct.
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16 Jun 2017 23:27

Hi all,..

I have Promods v2.16 and Rusmap v1.72. Is the Southern Region v6.0 compatible with these?


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17 Jun 2017 00:03

You can download Southern Region 6.5.2 ;)
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17 Jun 2017 00:06

Thank you. I didn't realise there was a newer version.

I take it I'm supposed to download the six parts which say they are only v6.5 and then I see there is a separate file SRmap.652 which is a patch?

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17 Jun 2017 01:24

main package if you haven't that already - model3 and DEF are the updated ones (6.5.2patch)
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07 Jul 2017 16:20

if anyone is intrested installing some additional areas.....
I just installed Italy 2.0 + fix Promods- works fine....

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13 Aug 2017 07:33

Hi! Is there any information or mod that is compatible with Promods 2.1.7 and Ets 1.2.7 include Ireland map? I really want Ireland cities Dublin and Cork. Thank.

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13 Aug 2017 08:26

Not that I know of. But you can wait a few weeks for the release of ProMods 2.20 for ETS2 1.28. Which will, most likely, include Ireland.
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31 Aug 2017 20:05

Volleybal4life wrote:
13 Aug 2017 08:26
Not that I know of. But you can wait a few weeks for the release of ProMods 2.20 for ETS2 1.28. Which will, most likely, include Ireland.
Can I know when will Promods 2.20 come out ? I’m waiting for it since long time tho.. 🙄😬

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