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04 Oct 2013 21:14

So far Im not thinking of doing a new one. I know of someone who converted it without my permission so Im not gonna look it up for you...
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05 Oct 2013 00:01

Shame it was a good mod. I am not going to use the unauthorised mod though it unfair on the work you put into it and I don't want it messing up my current game.

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05 Oct 2013 09:25

Well it works good, just the way I inteded it (except for the missing material.db which I also missed in v1)

Still I abandoned the project so if u can find it, why not use it :mrgreen:
Am I developing at the moment?
STDS, ETS2, ATS Beta Tester
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07 Oct 2013 18:41

Bonne_Swe wrote:
Ramin wrote:I can't download the map cause my counter gets stuck on 2seconds. All links get me stuck, but I know several truck mods should work cause they don't effect anything.
It's because you're using any kind of Ad-blocks. Ad.fly has in some way manage the site to stop counting as it feel you don't see the ads.

Just disable it and reload the page. Also, if you support a certain site, make sure to disable it. Specielly this site because they've put a lot of effort into their work and they deserve every penny.

Sadly I can't contribute more than looking at ads but I'll keep myself updated and will be back as soon as I start working and can donate.
For all of you who cannot contribute for one reason or another (just like me): DOWNLOAD THE 'PROMODS PACK' AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE while searching over the Internet or reading the PROMODS forum. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!! After that delete the downloads and... START ALL OVER AGAIN. It was only an idea I had just second ago...

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24 Oct 2013 02:16

yup use it dont abuse it

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08 Nov 2013 02:40

Hope it is ok to post this after reading the Forum Rules, but this thread seems to have been allowed.

Well, after being put onto Promods, reading through this thread & having a good play around with various mods, I have got a nice mix of mods. Firstly, love the Promods mod, I thought the TSM mod was good, but you guys may have a smaller map add-on, but it is damn good :).

Running these mods with no crashes with DLC & 1.7 Patch.
1. Promod
2. Mega Mod (AI Traffic (AI trucks & cars, Trailer pack, More AI Sounds & no Barriers at toll gates)
3. Eurostation by Siroccoxp (Real service stations)
4. Leaner Lines by Velo Zware (Slimmer road markings)
5. Real Economy
6. Realistic Lighting by nIGHT-SoN (better clouds, moon, better weather changes & street lights & HDR fix)
7. Realistic Tyres
8. Route_Advisor_Centre_Top_v4.0 by Hemil
9. zReal_Headlights_V1.5.1_by_niGHT-SoN
10. zRealistic_Weather_Sound_v1.4.1_by_nIGHT-SoN
11. ZwareJongenINteriamod1.49_BETA_by Velow (Physics)

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16 Nov 2013 20:09

Where Can I Download The Mega Mod (As Said In Previous Post) :)

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17 Nov 2013 10:04

-mod edit-

sorry you can't post links to other mods

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18 Nov 2013 13:58

Currently running with 1.7.0
Promod maps, best maps for ETS2!
AI Realism Mod 2.1 by Mephic
Kenworth K-100 V2.2 by AU44 for 1.4.x (ETS 2)
Kenworth K-100 camera + transmission + chassis-6-6 + engine-1010 + bak-1000l
Lights MOD for ETS2 by Dallyborr *1
Renaults reworked by GT-Mike *2
Realistic_Physics_Mod_Pack v7.0
some real company mod, author unknown
zz800PS_Renault-Premium-Magnum, author unknown *2
zzzzImproved_reverselight_By_Mak-Kyver *3
rückfahrlicht, reverselights, author unknown *3

*1 2 files, Lights Fix Halogen and Lights fix xenon, both work
*2 was originally 3 different .scs files, edited to only 1 .scs file, works!
*3 Testing Mak-Kyvers version coz that rückfahrlicht was way too bright in my opinion.. both work!

Edit! Took those K100 mods out, didnt like them. It would have been nice if i could have bought more upgrades and lights and stuff to it, and didnt like that russian flag in cabin either.. Anyways, now testing Renault Premium with new 4x6 chassis and 800hp engine.. seems nice, a bit too fast to accelerate, i might drop it to 750hp.. :D

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23 Nov 2013 22:16

Hi, I am new to the promod map but was wondering is there any no damage mod that runs with this map as before I had tsm and all no damage mods worked but I cant find one that works with this map?

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