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23 Nov 2015 01:17


Many of you might know that there has been a recent disagreement with the SCS team. If you wish to comment, discuss or ask questions about this feel free to use this topic. On the contrary to the SCS forums, posts here will not be edited or deleted.
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23 Nov 2015 01:38

I honestly don't know who's right, they created ETS2 and you're "just" modding it so their decisions are "superior"... but that's like saying Microsoft has rights to decide about a game because it runs on Windows OS.

Besides, I don't even follow SCS blog and you're the only map mode I use as you're the best. :D Sorry to hear ScuL what they decided to do with you, f**** them and keep on doing the amazing project you started, everybody really appreciate it. :)

One question, will this somehow affect the development of ProMods?
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23 Nov 2015 01:40

^No, it won't affect. Or at least, it should not. ;)
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23 Nov 2015 01:47

This is so unreal...I'm so dissapointed with SCS attitude, or I should say (because SCS team is still quiet about this) with moderators from SCS forum. I followed all discussions, and I'm fully on your side ProMods team. Without your map mod, ETS 2 game is unplayable to me. Keep up the good work guys!

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23 Nov 2015 01:58

Certainly a low for SCS to promote piracy. Does that make it right then for ETS2 itself to be pirated? Because its very easy to do.

Thank you Promods for all you do with this community and keep things fair and respecting every individuals efforts in the mods they create. I am very happy to see your new sub section for other mods! This was a wish I had with this site so people can post their hard work here.

Good work and keep doing what you're doing and never stop. Every day draws closer to Promods 2.0 and I am very much looking forward to it

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23 Nov 2015 02:39

As I havn't seen the argument before the posts were deleted on the SCS forum, i can't really speak out my opinion.

But if official SCS moderators had to delete and censor posts, one should think that they have something to hide that they don't want the community to read. Perhaps SCS isn't that friendly to their community that I had the impression that they were.

I hope you'll keep on developing this awesome map mod and this tragedy wont influence on your progress :)

Without ProMods, i wouln't have played this game so long, so keep up the good work :D
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23 Nov 2015 03:32

Sad story.. After all SCS must to know that without global mods, like PM, their games are totally dull and empty - broken engine, a plastic bag. No wonder, even Rig'n'Roll 2 / 3 can beat it, because it has "a world, an atmosphere, a diversity", which SCS games have no by default.
Hope, it doesn't affect next 2.0 PM, and you guys will find a solution of this temporary trouble.

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23 Nov 2015 06:09

Good day to you.

Well, divorce is not the best option but okee. I've just read your point of view, seen absolutely no reaction from SCS, at least yet. Could you provide me with a link where other game developers you mention in your post at facebook clearly explain what is accepted and what is not? Especially I'm interested in a part which bans the hackers.


Note: Using the pronoun "you" I've meant the ProMods team.
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23 Nov 2015 06:14

Any prove SCS (screenshot)support hacking mods?because I don't follow up full story in scs forum

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23 Nov 2015 06:20

bad that this happened but who knows maybe the beginning of a new story
from my side as a small user i can say i am glad that you guys are not totally lost to find updates and other stuff like bora with his magical trailerpack is ...times are changing

when this was happened there is soon again - seems they end as a screenshot posting site

better you look there - i dont want to blow it up here
enough happened there

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