What is the most interesting truck that you have seen?

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04 Jan 2014 20:52

I was going along the M25, and I saw a truck with a flatbed trailer for carrying yachts. the interesting thing was that it was not a very long truck, because it had a cutout in the cab, to fit the bow of the yacht. It was a very interesting look for a TGX!
I do not have any pictures unfortunately.
What was the strangest truck that you have seen?

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07 Jan 2014 00:03


The interesting trucks which Ive ever seen are mostly just the trucks with the load which they have very big machines or other transport and which truck it carry's I dont mind :P

Always when I drive in Germany then I see the transporting from the windmills I like that:
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05 Feb 2014 18:42

thats quite a load. If you tried to do that in ETS2, you've had it lol

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08 Feb 2014 11:26

When I was younger I saw a fair few oversized ones pulling aeroplane parts and things like that.

But more recently I saw a T-cab in Wakefield. Not a common sight in the UK these days.

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11 Feb 2014 23:34

I might be bending the rules slightly, but the new Mercedes Unimog concept is undoubtedly the weirdest vehicle ever conceived.


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12 Feb 2014 08:23

Hmmm, the off road truck... with chrome wheelcaps? SEEMS LEGIT!

I hate these concept vehicles, they always look too weird.

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12 Feb 2014 10:24

Kenworth C500 75t capacity winch truck for HHA Oil and Gas Services.


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12 Feb 2014 17:31

this truck reminds me of something...

everybody knows iceroadtruckers?this one where they drive a large load on two of these trucks over the ice.one truck was the trailer the other one looks in the correct side.
in real life nothing special...next to our company is felbermayr(heavy haul company) somethimes there arrived huge loads..

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23 Apr 2014 06:23

In England, interesting trucks are rare because they are normally not up to code, so the interesting trucks over here can be a little boring.

For example, seeing a Scania T-Cab Holland style, with a set of GB plates is quite rare, especially on a small roundabout!

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24 Apr 2014 01:39

I've always been a bit partial to Magirius Deutz trucks, especially the 50's and 60's ones. Technically interesting and some interesting styling too.
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