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Company help

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 13:12
by ____MB___
Hi guys i hope you don't mind me asking here but i have become a bit stuck.
In the map editor i have come across the number 5 button (company properties).I wasn't intended to use custom drop off points but am interested if i can get this to work..
You have the option in editor to pick company similar to the city so i went to set it up in a similar fashion.
When entering the company info in company-bcp-editor what do i put as the prefab number as obviously its not connected to a prefab?
Also is there anything else i need to consider.
I am aware this is probably the completely wrong way of doing this.
I have also stumbled across a old thread in the scs forums ... ies#p21438 and have tried this trick but i don't fully understand or it don't work as it causes a crash before the map gets loaded.
any advice with what i need to edit file wise or some good info from which i can learn from would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Re: Company help

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 13:53
by Nico
This number 5 option was part of 18wos. It doesn't work in ETS, UKTS, GTS and now ETS2.

Not sure why they stopped with this system, but Im hoping it will return in ATS.

The topic on the SCS forum is about this:
- The pmd/pmg is the file mesh (so the company building)
- The ppd is the prefab file and it contains the company lines (green)

You have to assign the pmd to the ppd through the def so you could assign the company lines of Tradeaux to a model like a speedbump.

The ppd itself can be edited, together with the pmd/pmg in zmodeler3.

Re: Company help

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 14:13
by ____MB___
Ah ok so better off not wasting anymore time on that then lol

Thanks nico for your answer i kinda understand it a little more now what you have said makes sense.
So i could make a simple straight lined,one drop off spot prefab, as a universal prefab which i could use in many places otherwise its a new prefab for every unique delivery point more so with more drop points as the lines will be fixed?
Unfortunately i think i will have to leave this for now i don't have zmoddler and i have no experience to go with it.

Thanks again

Re: Company help

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 14:19
by Nico
Yes but prefabs always need a company node (the rotating logo where the player can activate the jobmarket) and a delivery node (where trailers will spawn)

To make it even harder there is a difference of in and out delivery points (so a different code for arriving shipments and shipments ready for transport).

Without zmodeler its almost impossible (Editing with a HEX editor is possible but will be even harder ;) )

Re: Company helps

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 14:34
by ____MB___
Ok thanks buddy so alot to learn before attempting that.
Its a eye opener to me how complex map building is.Coming from someone who has only edited maps on games on the ps3 where you dont have to worry about the unseen stuff.
So i will keep learning its tough with little info about even to do the simple things but im getting there probably not doing all the things the right way but im learning..
1 more question if i may
I am trying to keep my work away from promods sectors,as ideally i want to run together but when i load with promods it crashes.Im pretty sure its to do with the prefabs,im using fld's pack so when i load with promods i remove his mod so the game uses your but when i enter my area it crashes(i assume his latest pack isn't in the latest version of promods and im using uk prefabs for example)
With the next release of promods assuming you will use all the prefabs from fld am i right in thinking this should fix the crash?

Re: Company help

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 17:03
by Nico
Yes indeed.

When using both packs the game won't understand it.... so that happens when you add FLD his pack together with the ProMods.

We have made some modification to his prefab so it works with ProMods idealy. The new pack is added already, but ofc not for public purpose since we still build on our map....

Re: Company help

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 17:29
by ____MB___
Thats brilliant thats all i needed to know
Thanks Nico