American Truck Simulator - Have to pay for each state? WTF.

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11 Mar 2014 13:10

In my opinion when SCS will release ATS the mod authors will convert there ETS2 mods to ATS. I plan to do the same. I dont mind paying because SCS is a small developer company and money needs to come if they want to stay on the simulator business.

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11 Mar 2014 15:55

There is not much that needs to be converted....
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16 Mar 2014 15:50

n4gix.bill.leaming wrote:Honestly, just as in "Real LifeTM" I find all 'highway driving' boring! :lol:

Give me lots of 'eye candy' to look at, and more urban/suburban areas in which to drive... :mrgreen:
With better scaling there would be lots of nice places to drive ;)

Don't know where you drive, but around here you'd be lucky to find a straight road longer than a few hundred meters/yards ;)

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16 Mar 2014 20:46

yea i agree but longer but would it be worth it?

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