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Gylfi Sigurðsson
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11 Aug 2016 15:07

Bennekebens_Scania_Sneepels_sound_skins_V8_V1.6-1.22 This still works even on 1.24!
50k addons
most of the jazzycat packs
GTM RJL P & G series_ (plus Fix1.24)
SiSL's Mega Pack
Rusmap 1.6.3
Promods 2.1
real tires mod 4.8
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03 May 2020 00:06

Callipso wrote:
18 Jul 2016 21:20
ProMods map + TCP
All the Jazzycat stuff (except ATS trucks in ETS2)
50K Wheels + Real Tires (Snow Tires rock in Iceland!)
Piva Weather Mod
Realistic Daylight Hours (makes the day/night cycle realistic to the present day)
Actual Diesel Prices in Europe (Gas is always overpriced otherwise, I keep it updated with the Fuel-Prices-Europe.info page)
D.B Traffic Mod (I only use the traffic spawn numbers in the files the rest I de-activate and use ProMods traffic behavior)
Sound Fixes
Sorry for digging up a topic buried for the past 4 years, but... I just installed 50k + Real Tires hoping to find some suitable for Russia Open Spaces and installed ones from Michelin which are supposed to be suitable for snow, but those make look that I'm ice skating with my truck :lol: any opinion on which are the best best for snow and ice?

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