What Mobile Phones Do You Have

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21 Apr 2017 21:02

I use a Umidigi Z, a very nice Chinese phone.
Happy trucking!

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22 Apr 2017 14:58

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01 May 2017 15:02

I use a Blackberry Priv phone.It is my third phone from the same company.
Before that i had phones from Motorola,Nokia and Bosch and my next phone someday will be a Blackberry again.


I did use Ets1,Ukts and Gts.But now i use Ets2 and Ats.I also relocate cars for Nissan and Volvo,but i also like my Ets2 Scania and i also like my Ats Volvo VNL 780 too.
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24 May 2017 09:09

Sony Xperia Z.

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16 Jul 2017 10:23

Hi there, up until now I would've stated that I use one of the best midrangers on this planet, of course that would've been prior to its catastrophical system and hardware failure. I was using Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, but in its life span, or should I say shorter life span than usual, it had two major heat issues and failures to access the system. So it's become clear that Sony has made terrible choices in heat-resistant components, I know those issues can be extremely rare and happen on maybe 2 % of all Xperia phones, but it happened to me and several people I was reading about on official technical support forums. I had to take it to the service center two times in a row, and it came out stable for the better year or two.

I'm opting for a Huawei P10 Lite this time, some say it's among the best midrangers currently available on the market, some don't. But I would rather have a phone well balanced than having heat and system failure issues. I made several mistakes when buying in my country, the prices and offers were locked to its operator, well I've gotten a lot smarter and bought my now deceased Xperia phone through a reseller in Germany, without realizing of course it came straight out of the factory defective, with no stricter quality control it's difficult to predict which of the units sold throughout the planet won't be defective.

Best to think about is to looking forward, not backwards, to buy a currently issued phone, not overpriced of course, than to get something made years ago and probably without additional support from its manufacturer.

I hope to enjoy with my new phone soon. Happy trucking everyone. :)

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25 Jul 2017 20:14

iPhone 5s

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07 Aug 2017 16:14

Sony Xperia M4 Aq.
2 years of service and counting

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11 Aug 2017 19:37

Honor 8

I used to have an LG G5 on the same contract that suffered accidental and also unexplained water damage. I was 100% happy with that phone and while I really like the Huawei Honor 8, I hope to go back to LG next year with the V30 if it's as good as it looks, and providing it's released in Europe as expected.

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20 Aug 2017 16:15

Interesting, but of course if the device's battery won't be removable, it won't deter you from buying the V30 ? Some guys across the world think removable batteries are a must, I think that they exagerate quite often, batteries don't have to be built as removable to function properly, the hardware and the battery casing, yes.

I used to have my only ever LG smartphone at my side on a stricter budget than nowadays, but it failed to impress me because I couldn't get it pass the Kitkat 4.4 marker and that was the end of it. It was the L7 II model, back then I treated it very good for two years but the bootloops were a big hassle. My point is, manufacturers, get your gear straightened, pull your heads together and build them properly, your phones.

Maybe I see myself getting back to LG some day, but not today. I'm quite content with my current phone, P10 Lite, super fast, hardly ever gets stuck in its own loop, like my previous phones did, often. ;)

As far as Android updates or upgrades and security patches are concerned, even if my current phone never sees the Android O build, I won't throw it away and buy another more expensive one, that's not my philosophy.

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20 Aug 2017 17:42

Huawai P10 plus, only had it 3 months but I luuurrrve it

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