what country do you want the most in this game/mod?

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12 Oct 2016 07:49

just wanting to hear what country you are the most excited for? or if it already has been added you can still say your favourite
i am excited and can't wait for macedonia in the future i know it will still be a while promods, changed ets2 for me now it is one of my favourite games

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12 Oct 2016 08:10

Ireland and Greece for me :P But everywhere is something to look forward to.
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12 Oct 2016 10:35

For me Croatia, Itay and Greece.

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12 Oct 2016 11:48

I looking forward on Cyprus and Israel :D :twisted:

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12 Oct 2016 13:43

Well for me, obviously Finland :mrgreen:

And except for the countries I'm working on, it's mainly Ireland (although I've done some work there months ago), northern Sweden and Norway, and in the south probably Portugal and Greece.

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12 Oct 2016 14:13

I want to see East Anglia redone (the scaling should allow for Colchester, Ipswich, Lowestoft, Bury St Edmunds, Norwich, Diss, King's Lynn and Cromer to be added) and then Gibraltar and Spain.

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12 Oct 2016 16:40

Did I already say that I can't wait for the Balkan area? :D :D
Finally the Balkan in true quality!
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12 Oct 2016 17:51

Of course Turkey.

And I have a words for you: If you really want your country, city or even region, instead of wishing or willing open editor and create yourself. If you reach Promods quality then maybe it will be added.

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12 Oct 2016 20:08

I would really like Croatia in PM
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12 Oct 2016 20:36

What I would want? Maybe Saudi Arabia? - Lonely roads across the vast, desolate desert; gigantic cities, sand..sand...sand and more sand :D

(Probably it'll never happen :( )

P.S Don't worry, not hidden messages here - just my dream :P
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