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SCS France Development

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20 Nov 2016 06:46

Topic for people discussing the new DLC France map. France Merge thread is going off-topic so feel free to continue your ideas here, not trying to moderate just continuing the discussion in another place.

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20 Nov 2016 11:53

is there any screenshot from cote d azur being showed up yet?
Id love to see one from A8
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20 Nov 2016 15:54

Based on the patchnote, there is, in my opinion, the "coverage" of France by SCS. I'm not sure about Saint-Céré, as it is a small town. I doubt about Roscoff too, except for the ferry route to Plymouth, in my opinion, there is no reason to add it on the map. Don't take it as a fact, i don't work for SCS, and i don't know what their plan is. It's just an opinion.

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I know i've allready share this image on other topic. But it is a good place to have it.

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26 Nov 2016 12:21

For this development they will ask 20 euro? that's insane
10 euro for DLC - the right price!

where is the south of the country developed? :?

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26 Nov 2016 22:39

I'm not a mod, but i'm pretty sure that this also applies to other threads:
ETS2-User wrote:Just stop this useless unbearable bashing against SCS! You got a warning now. If you continue like this it will have to result in an at least temporary ban.
The south is developed. ProMods was missing the entire A9 (well, not the tiny stretch south of Perpignan ofcourse), which the DLC added, including a connection to France. Nice, Marseilles...
Are you seriously claiming that missing Bayonne = entire south of the country?

Also keep in mind that this DLC adds probably hundreds of new assets, textures, you name it, and mapping on this scale is massive work.

Let's see you map something like this, also model everything, lets see you LEARN THE BLOODY EDITOR first.
And then we will bash you for no reason whatsoever and declare your work rubbish.

This is just my two cents, as this behaviour is seriously pissing me off.
Also, please use capital letters and correct punctuation.
The fact that so many people who speak English as a second or maybe even third language have far superior grammar to you, a U.S. citizen, is strange and surprising.
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26 Nov 2016 22:56

According to the DLC map, there isn't any important city in A10 (Bordeaux-Paris) like in Promods Map. Will it be a boring road?

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26 Nov 2016 22:57

I also don't get it. The whole goddamn map is great but there is one error and instead of being happy about how 99% of the map is great, they have to complain about that one thing wrong.

It's okay if you discuss issues but don't be rude and aggressive.
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28 Nov 2016 20:21

If this topic is going to be railroaded by people who don't approve of SCS then its best to just remove it. It was intended for constructive comments and discussion about the new DLC not as a voicing platform for malcontents.

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28 Nov 2016 22:07

I just saw the DLC trailer, I'm surprised, trams, even tractors on the roads, things so many people wanted. Now the tracks in Tallinn wont be empty :D

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29 Nov 2016 00:33

Yep, that also came to my mind as I saw the tram. SCS gives us so much trucking in the next weeks (ETS2 DLC + ATS rescale), awesome times!

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