what's your favorite drive in ETS2?

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08 Dec 2016 02:59

From city to city, what's your favorite drive?

I personally like Graz to Reykyavik a lot. Mountains, to high speed roads, back to mountains! Completely different styles too. When I'm in a lazier mood I love something like Turku to Kuresaare.

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08 Dec 2016 17:55

Calais to Cologne via Brussels is a lot of fun now. It's a route I drive a lot in real life.

From Duisburg to Brest in Belarus is a nice run too. There is too many to list, there is only a few places I don't enjoy tbh:

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08 Dec 2016 19:18

Hah, I agree all cities are nice in their own way. but I prefer some of the roads more than others because I have a heavy density traffic mod, so I'm actually in traffic jams sometimes. I'm fine with this, realism+discover radio stations, but whenever I get a calm road like in Iceland or sweden it really sets my mood :)

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08 Dec 2016 19:58

Probably Haparanda - Kirkenes

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08 Dec 2016 21:33

I really like driving the BAB7, up to about the point where it gets all hilly.
Overall i like the straight flat parts of the Autobahn.
Finnish forest roads are love.
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09 Dec 2016 19:27

I really like Frankfurt or Mannheim to Basel :D
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11 Dec 2016 10:30

I like to drive from Toulouse to Rovaniemi , going trough many countries and enjoy sceneries all along and with boat ride as a bonus! :)
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11 Dec 2016 16:35

Moskushamn to Barcelona road :)
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The bumpy Russian roads and beatiful Spain is very nice :)
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12 Dec 2016 22:32

I generally don't drive much. I'm too busy making the stuff that you drive on :P
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Gylfi Sigurðsson
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16 Dec 2016 16:09

Reykjavik to Bolungavik I reckon
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