I think I'm becoming a truck spotter...

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Jan Verschueren
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28 Mar 2014 14:11

Since playing ETS2, I find I've started to notice trucks more. Taking more notice of make/model (and empathizing with the poor sap in the R360 struggling to get up a barely noticeable incline), noticing twins are becoming a more common sight on our roads, etc...

This morning, however, while walking to work, I saw a MAN 8x4 (too much clutter in the central reservation to see which model it was, sorry), hauling a Caterpillar 390D on an 8-axle beam trailer and I was amazed I actually felt excited about having seen it. I think I should be worried... :? :D
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28 Mar 2014 19:47

I was almost late for a doctor's appointment at my local V.A. Clinic last week because I spotted a spanking new Volvo VNL 780 and drove alongside of him for awhile just admiring the lovely, sleek lines of this largest of Volvo's "Long Haul" American trucks...

I was going to follow him to his destination so I could take some pictures, when I discovered to my utter disgust that I'd rushed out of the house so fast I forgot to slip my smart phone into my pocket! Drat! :oops:
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28 Mar 2014 22:01

I can now name the make of truck just by looking at it's rear lights!

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31 Mar 2014 13:38

My Friends says i´m crazy...I can name the truck by looking at rear lights or mirrors :D
In some cases i only need to hear the sound (Mercedes,DAF,SCANIA) :DD

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01 Apr 2014 23:30

Yeah me too.
A rather lovely looking Scania pulled up outside my house the other day. I was like a kid in a candy store. It looked massive in my narrow street.
I told the wife all about it, and basically thought I was nuts.
I really should have grabbed my smartphone and took a photo:)
I may be 47, I felt like a kid again.
Or should I say, the wife thought I was a big kid. Alongside the crazy :)

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