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This is something I discovered a while ago and could be considered a cheat... to make easy money, you should have at least this:

- 2 garages, not close to eachother (I had 3 and used Manchester and Brno);
- a couple of people working for you, drivers who bring in atleast 2.5k per trip;
- be able to just drive around, ergo: no mission to bring cargo X from loc. Y to loc. Z.
- be in, or close to one of your garage cities (or just a huge distance away from the garage you're going to)

And this is what you do:
- when driving, or in the main menu press 'G' to bring up your garage tab;
- click the garage furthest away from your current location;
- click on 'quick travel' (or whatever it says in English).

This way, the game drives you to your garage (it doesn't even require fuel!) and you collect all money made by your co-workers :D Rinse and repeat until you have enough money to either buy or upgrade a garage, or buy an extra truck and hire an extra driver).

I've done this a few times to upgrade my home town's garage (Groningen) from 3 to 5, and then again to buy the extra trucks. Right now I'm on a mission from Carlisle to Olsztyn (Poland) to do atleast something myself again, hehe. Once I'm there I'll have enough cash to open a 4th garage. And so on.

The first time I did this I had about 20 people working for me, so the cash was really flowing, quickly making it able to double the amount of workers and buy a total of 8 garages, making me king of Amsterdam, Brno, Edinburgh, Hannover, London, Manchester, Paris, Southampton and Stuttgart 8-)

I eventually grew bored of it and stopped playing, because there isn't any end reward or anything. This time I'll explore Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and (more of) France by driving there myself, throwing in a couple of empty quick travels to get some fast cash. This time I want a 5-truck garage in EVERY city so I expect this to be a LONG game :D

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oh ok thank you Moredhel

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