List of truck speed limits for all countries in Europe

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All ADR transports are limited in speed in Belgium (source:

Built up areas: 40 km/h
Highways: 85 km/h
Secondary roads: 70 km/h (this page probably isn't yet updated with the latest speed change which stipulates 60 km/h max for secondary roads and normal truck transport). I assume it would be 55 if things were kept consistent, but that's a dangerous assumption :-)


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Residential zones: 20km/h
Urban areas: 50km/h
Secondary roads: 90km/h
Dual carriageway roads: 90km/h
Motorways: 90km/h
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Wikipedia sources are not always fully reliable xD (Spain is quite bad...)

Urban areas: 50 km/h
Road with narrow hard shoulders: 90 km/h
Road with wide hard shoulders: 100 km/h
Highways / Freeways / Motorways: 120 km/h

How do we know if a road has a narrow or a wide hard shoulder? If it measures 1,50 m or more is wide. If not, is narrow.
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In the UK, I believe all trucks are speed limited to 56 mph (91/92 kph)

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Urban areas (as indicated by a city limits sign): 50 km/h
Secondary roads: 80 km/h
Expressways: 85 km/h
Motorways: 90 km/h
Without trailers nor extra signs. City limit is up to 70km/h for trucks, up to 82km/h for cars. The rural limit is 80km/h for trucks with trailers. 60km/h for special transport. 20km/h for living streets.

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Nathan_A_RF wrote:
11 Jul 2017 15:51
Image FRANCE (F)
[*] Hazardous cargo:
[*] Motorways: 90 km/h
Wrong, 80km/h (Article R413-9 du code de la route)

Now you miss French limitations for special cargos ;)

First category: width <3m, length <20m, weight<48t
  • Urban areas (as indicated by a city limits sign): 50 km/h
  • Minor roads (not numbered): 60 km/h
  • Secondary roads (Departmental and National roads): 70 km/h
  • Expressways (Departmental and National roads): 70 km/h
  • Motorways: 80 km/h
Second category: 3<width<4m AND/OR 20m<length<25m AND/OR 48t<weight<72t
  • Urban areas (as indicated by a city limits sign): 40 km/h
  • Minor roads (not numbered): 60 km/h
  • Secondary roads (Departmental and National roads): 60 km/h
  • Expressways (Departmental and National roads): 60 km/h
  • Motorways: 70 km/h
Third category: Well everything bigger
  • Urban areas (as indicated by a city limits sign): 30 km/h
  • Minor roads (not numbered): 50 km/h
  • Secondary roads (Departmental and National roads): 50 km/h
  • Expressways (Departmental and National roads): 50 km/h
  • Motorways: 70 km/h

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Thank you for the information! I will correct it shortly
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Towns etc: 50 Kmh
Rural roads: 80 Kmh
National roads (dual carriagways and such) : 100 Kmh
Motorways: 120 Kmh

Towns etc 50 Kmh
Rural roads 80 Kmh but drive at a suitable speed to road condition and shape
National roads (dual carriageways and such) : 80 Kmh
Motorways: 90 Kmh

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Red = cars | Blue = trucks | Green = Cars and trucks

Residential areas

Built-up areas

Local (L) and regional (R) roads | (≥3.5t) National (N) roads (primary and secondary)

(≥3.5t) Motorways (M)

National (N) roads (primary and secondary)

Motorways (M)

Speed limits are indicated with signs (sounds obvious but I don't know why the '?' is there). Primary national roads (N1 - N50) usually have hard shoulders, secondary national roads (N51 onwards) usually don't. The M50 around Dublin has a speed limit of 100km/h (for cars), despite being a motorway.
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