New Interior Seat Adjuster

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16 Apr 2014 11:29

Did anyone look at the SCS Blog about this new interior seat position adjustment? And what do u think?

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16 Apr 2014 12:19

I think it's a nice addition to the camera options that are available.

Link to the post: ... ments.html
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Jan Verschueren
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16 Apr 2014 12:47

Nice feature, but I'd rather see proper 6DOF Track-IR support as there seems to be a sort of bounding box to the in-cab camera position now. E.g. to look closer at your instruments now you can't just "lean forward", you have to move forward and then look down. Feels very weird and thus I only have pitch and yaw enabled in my profile now (and still the camera position moves in the X and Z direction sometimes when looking around).
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16 Apr 2014 13:42

I haven't tried it yet but it does seem like a cool added feature :)
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16 Apr 2014 18:09

It does seem like it will be a nice touch. I note that the usual idiots are posting their "two cents" worth of demands and off-topic comments...
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17 Apr 2014 01:33

anyway, should this feature be in American Truck Simulator or it will be featured in American truck Simulator?

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18 Apr 2014 22:49

I was surprised this wasn't in the initial release tbh, the default seating position seems a bit weird to me.

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