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15 Jan 2018 19:37

Did Promods add American trucks to the European map because I have seen some Kenworth trucks parked in service areas and resting areas. The only other mods I have that I think affects service areas and resting areas is Jazzycats Ai packages

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15 Jan 2018 19:41

There is a Kenworth W900 that ProMods added to the parked trucks array, but it is supposed to only show up in Russia.
Unfortunately, it seems to be showing up in other places outside of Russia also. I saw it parked in Halle, Germany once.
I haven't seen it driving around, but I don't think it was added to the pool of AI truck traffic. Just the parked truck pool.

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15 Jan 2018 20:34

Yup, I've seen it parked (outside Russia) as well.
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15 Jan 2018 23:32

Jazzycat does have a American Truck AI pack, with a "Everywhere" file and a "only Russia/Africa/Brazil" file

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15 Jan 2018 23:56

Jazzycat's mod with american trucks will add american trucks in the streets driving not only in resting areas and it has many trucks not only Kenwroth! This Kenworth is added by PropMods!

If you see the Kenworth parked too many times in resting areas everywhere then is propably mod conflict! ''Painted Traffic pack by Jazzycat'' and ''Painted PDF Traffic pack by Jazzycat'' caused the conflict i think. You can remove theese 2 mods to see if this solves the problem or just search this topic in the link because sometime ago someone helped me to delete completely the Kenworth!


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