Trying ProMods Again

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07 Feb 2018 23:09

In this thread on the SCS forum, I thought about the fact that MandelSoft thinks it's a pity that we don't use ProMods. Maybe we are missing out on a great opportunity. It's been a while since I took a look at ProMods, so I downloaded it today. I drove around Northen Norway, Finland, and Ireland. These are my opinions on ProMods after looking at it again for the first time in about a year: Norway was really cool, but there needs to be more detail in Lillehammar. It just feels too "fake" in that city. Nordkapp and Honningsvag were AWESOME! I absolutely loved it there. Finland was nice too, except the ProMods map author who made Finland copied some gas stations form the Scandinavia DLC and said "Eh, good enough." So in ProMods' version on Finland, some gas stations have Norwegian road markings. Ireland was okay; the quality of Ireland wasn't the best, and a lot of assets from there very first areas of SCS's map were used. Considering that Ireland was a pretty recent addition to the map, I was very disappointed while driving there. From the last time I used ProMods, I loved Denmark, Iceland, and Scotland. I'm not sure if anything was added since then, and I haven't gotten around to visiting ProMods' version of these areas in the 2.25 update yet, but I plan to check these areas out very soon. As for my overall feelings about using ProMods again, I like it. To get the feeling of the "vanilla" game while still enjoying ProMods, I decided to switch between having ProMods enabled or not every now and then, or depending on how I feel that day. And for the errors in the game log (This thread is what I'm referring to.) I decided to just live with it when I don't have ProMods enabled.
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08 Feb 2018 01:47

Thank you for your feedback, I recommend you explore Croatia and Serbia as well.
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