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09 Feb 2018 21:40

OffTopic in this forum is quite boring. Let's spice it up a little bit and since many of you guys are from all over the world, let's talk about interesting and cool things your country has to offer.

For example, did you know that Andorra has:

-No army
-No highways
-No airports
-No trainstations
-No Tram/Subway network

And our National Football team won last year for the very first time after 13 years without winning a single match :lol:

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09 Feb 2018 23:19

I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which had a number of firsts back around the early 20th century:

- world's first commercial radio station (still broadcasting as KDKA)
- world's first movie theater (more specifically, first theater to show only motion pictures)
- developed the polio vaccine
- first Big Mac (in Uniontown, just outside Pittsburgh)
- world's first drive-in gas (petrol) station
- world's first Ferris Wheel developed by George Ferris of Pittsburgh
- first internet emoticon, the smiley, developed here
- original home of Heinz ketchup

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10 Feb 2018 12:36

Braniewo has NBR plates, whitch means Niebezpiecznie Blisko Rosji [ witch means Dangerously Close-up of Russia ] :P

Or NBR means Nebraska ;)
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10 Feb 2018 13:30

Very interesting to read facts about other countries!

Did you know that skyscrapers are totally forbidden in Greece? Athens must be one of the largest cities in Europe with no skyscrapers at all! Only one building is 103m built long ago in 1971!

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10 Feb 2018 20:31

@citelis730 Wow... I never thought that Greece had NO skyscrapers.

More stuff about Andorra:

- Andorra is a co-principality state. Which means that we have a Monarchy with two princes: The always current President of France (Currently Emmanuel Macron), and the Bishop of the Seu d'Urgell (Yes, that small town you drive by when crossing the border with Spain in Promods :lol ). It's funny that the Prince in the Spanish side is a Bishop from a town with a total pop. of 12,500 people. But in the Old days, the Seu d'Urgell was a very important place.
In other words, any French President that comes into power, will become immediately one of the Princes in Andorra. The other Prince will be the Bishop in la Seu d'Urgell at present time.

-Even though Andorra has it's own Footbal/Soccer League, one team refused to join (FC Andorra), and still plays in the Spanish League (Currently on the "4th tier").
The best qualified teams of the Andorran League play the Champions League Playoffs and have never qualified for the group stages.

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10 Feb 2018 23:59

So small country but still there are at least 4 smaller countries in Europe!

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11 Feb 2018 02:08

The cultural region I live in (Acadiana) is founded when the French Acadians were expeled from British Canada after the French & Indian War (7 Years War)
The Acadian were expeled for not giving up Catholicism and going to the kings church
They sailed until they reach the region, under Spanish Control, where the Spanish King allowed them to settle here
The first settlement for the Acadians is called St. Martinville on the Bayou Teche



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11 Feb 2018 09:47

Hello there ,

Great idea of the topic , to get to know about other members's countries or cities.

Am from Nice in south east of France

- One of the beautiful sight of the world when a plane lands or take off
- Sunniest city in the country and it is most of the year compared to other states but when it rains it rains a lot , so you better no go for a walk or take your car!
-The city has around it multiple sceneries such as mountains and sea for all kind of hobbys to suit for everyone.
-Pavement all along the beach side for biking or just enjoying the view by walking it is almost 3 km(Promenade des anglais)
- City airport is the first after Paris to be able to land Airbus A380 everyday.
-Actual city center will be the second old city , new one going on in the west with the second tramway line will be running during summer 2018
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11 Feb 2018 11:37

The area I live in is where the infamous surströmming originally comes from.

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11 Feb 2018 14:43

I hail from the Archipelago Sea, which is the largest archipelago in the world by number of islands. The Archipelago Sea is part of Finland and part of the Baltic Sea, situated between the Sea of Åland, the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland, and the Baltic proper.
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