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1. According to recent research has the happiest people in the world (and on the otherside one of the highest suicide rates in the world. A dark joke: Finland is happy because all the unhappy people have already killed themselves)

2. The most sparsely populated country in the EU, only 16 people/km2. Most of the live in southern Finland, near Helsinki (over 2 million).

3. Finland has over 2 million saunas

4. Most northern McDonalds restaurant in the world (in Rovaniemi, near arctic circle)

5. Free education all the way to the University level and government even gives you money for doing that. That means that everyone has change of educating them, even the most poor ones.

6. Highest coverage of 4G network (99% of the landarea in the end of 2018) and most mobile data used per person in the world

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Hello, good idea this topic :)

I live in Metz, France.

City Center :
Station :
Pompidou Center :

First of all do not pronounce the "t" but say "Mess" :)
22th largest city of France, near the borders of Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium at the intersection of highways A4/A31
German city between 1871-1918 and 1940-1944, with mixed architecture, Germanic and French, and most beautiful station of France.
She is also known for her Pompidou Center and its big cathedral
Compared to the rest of France we have special laws with for example two holidays in addition.

That's my contribution, happy trucking ;)

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