1.11 Update

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19 Jun 2014 17:20

Just amazed at the great stuff going into the next update, such as seat adjustment, three new cities, new cruise control, and a feature many of you guys have been talking about; selling a garage and being able to relocate your HQ ;)

Info here: http://blog.scssoft.com/2014/06/digging ... pdate.html

Feel free to post comments on new update.

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19 Jun 2014 17:40

Great update!

thanks @uk_daf_fan
My screenshot thread http://www.promods.net/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2519

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19 Jun 2014 20:39

Adding south Austria brings the map one step closer to Slovenia-Croatia so thats great news, cant wait for promods artistes to start working on that area.

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21 Jun 2014 09:55

Yes and our update 1.7 will include loads too so with 1.11 combined it is going to be awesome :)
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10 Jul 2014 17:13

Wait, so new loads are coming in because that would be awesome as I love JazzyCat's trailers and I do like Promod's to.

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