How many trucks do you own?

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05 Sep 2018 13:57

Hello Einusch,

For many years I have only had one truck in ETS2 in connection with ProMods.
This is a MAN TGX Euro6 XXL, Reworked by MADster. I like his look and above all his rich engine sound.

Good luck to you!
Sorry for my bad english...
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05 Sep 2018 14:21

25 hardworking money harwesting trucks of all Brands Here...
Volvo FH16 classic 6x4, RJL Scania T 730 Hp 8x4/4, HB Tatra 815, HB Liaz 300s and more... ... p?id=71603
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05 Sep 2018 15:11

72 trucks + 1 of them which is the one I drive.

Good luck on your project! ;)
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05 Sep 2018 15:37

373 trucks and 68 are mine. ;)
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05 Sep 2018 17:06

First profile: 25 trucks, 1 mine.
Second profile: 11 trucks, 2 mine.
Count me twice :lol: :lol:
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06 Sep 2018 01:41

I have 4 trucks
First is the New Mercedes, then the New Volvo, then the MAN, and currently driving the Old DAF

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06 Sep 2018 05:00

270 :D old profile... almost 4 yrs.. custom economic.. :)
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06 Sep 2018 05:24

mateush05 wrote:
05 Sep 2018 15:37
68 are mine. ;)
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06 Sep 2018 06:32

Thanks for your help, guys! I appreciate it a lot! :D

I myself have three trucks, all Volvos, one of them for me. It is the Volvo FH16 Classic which is the very first truck i bought and I'm still driving it! :D

I'm still in need of more answers, so if you have more profiles, do like sloma1 did and tell me how many trucks you have on the other profiles too. I will include it if I don't get enough answers before Monday.

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06 Sep 2018 11:47

I have one truck only, because I don't really care about those kinds of things :P
I more care about my own driving experience.
By the way, I own a Scania r730 ;)
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