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01 Jul 2014 23:59

Hey all. I'm new to this game (2 weeks max so far) and just got around to installing ProMods the other day. Loving it, great job.

What I was hoping to find out from those of you familiar with the mod scene with ETS is which are the best forums to find out
details of mods I find published on sites such as and ? THose are the two I'm most familiar with and I don't' even
know if they are 'legit'.

Let me explain that last as I'm more familiar with modding games like Skyrim, Fallout series of games, Morrowind, etc and have been a user
of the Nexus sites for years. I'm used to the structure there and there are rules that mod authors
have to follow such as documentation of mod, (well they are supposed to and usually do) and proper explanation of what the mod is, etc.
In other words I'm used to more structure in the mod community. There is a very strong forum system there where one can get help
or just discuss the mod in question. I find NON of that on mods for this game other than here at ProMods!!

When I go to the two sites I mention above I almost always find a mod listed with little or ZERO detail about the mod. Not even proper author
attribution or a way to contact claimed authors.
Frankly I'm suspicious of the sites do to lack of communication system, unlike here at ProMods site I must add.

So, short version. Where the heck on the net can I find the forums that the authors of mods posted to the sites above communicate to their users
and fans?
Yes, there is a very poor forum at the site and is not used much.

I don't care if the forums you direct me to are non English as I can try to follow discussions using Google translate!

Perhaps I'm using the wrong watering holes and if I am, please re-direct me.

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02 Jul 2014 09:44

The official SCS forum is a good place to start ;)
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02 Jul 2014 13:14

As far as I can tell, I have used mod sites for months, and some are more 'legit' than others. However, I get most of my mods from the site, but the SCS forum is the best place to go if you want the most certified mods.

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