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30 Nov 2018 16:44

zyprexia wrote:
30 Nov 2018 15:01
IG only buys keys directly from the original developers of a game. In this case SCS.
Actually unfortunately your wrong Instant Gaming is like the other grey market key sellers like CDKeys or G2A.

Strongly suggest people read what key sellers are actually, how to spot them and if something seems to good to be true than question it (ie. "see a veeery low price to preorder a game that wasn't launched yet, and the developer didn't even release price tag for yet... something's wrong") as they certainly don't get keys from developers/publishers and you'll see in the article they aren't listed as safe site. And even Steam filters their site, biggest clue their when Valve filters those site, clear and obvious means to avoid at all cost!

Also urge people to actually read SCS Official Post Here!

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