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Profile switching issue.

Posted: 04 Jul 2014 02:57
by Jan Verschueren
Here's a question for the SCS beta testers on this forum: do you have the authority to enter a bug into the SCS bug tracking system? -because I've found one. It's related to the game's robustness with regards to mods.

Try creating a test profile, cheating yourself some money and applying this mod. There's a problem with this modded truck (amongst others): it has no number plates (i.e. it has no place to display the game generated, home garage based, number plates), it has textures displaying a Russian numberplate instead, regardless of where you bought/registered this truck.

This truck shows up for sale in main Volvo dealers and, in both my vanilla profile and my ProMods profile, I happen to drive a "Classic" FH16 (because the modern one wasn't available when I started these profiles). And so here's the bug: when I switch from the test profile to either profile (vanilla/ProMods), in game, the license plates on my truck disappear.

Obviously, I'm smart enough not to undertake any action when the game appears to be glitched, so quitting and reloading solves this problem on the non-truckmodded profiles, but it does show, as the game is currently coded, there is no firm separation between profiles in the same game session (modded or not), which is a bug, imo.

Re: Profile switching issue.

Posted: 04 Jul 2014 11:00
by cashtime2013
Hi Jan! Well yes, I've found that switching profiles in-game does seem to leave mods from a previous profile in memory, so that can affect the current profile. You only have to look at the long list of 'garage spawn point not found' errors in the console and log to see that the game is looking for those from another profile, especially if like me you've 5 or 6 profiles and you switch between them (like when you're bug testing for instance).
It's a nuisance I know, but I always re-start the game after switching profiles.