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04 Jul 2014 20:24

Dear ProMods users,

Some people requested a new, updated FAQ for ProMods.

Maybe you guys, especially our loyal fans who visit the forum everyday, to help us with making an easy FAQ.

All suggestions are welcome!!
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04 Jul 2014 20:36

I didn't want to suggest any basic ones, as they're probably common sense. Got few for now, and I'll add them as something comes into my head.

Q: How can I request for my town to be added for ProMods?
A: Due to the small scale of the original map, it is very difficult to squeeze in every town into the game. We have therefore followed an approach to add only larger towns, or towns that we think the game/players would benefit from. You may suggest a city to be built, however we cannot guarantee that it will be added to the game.

Q: Why are you not constructing in North Africa?
A: Our project is prioritizing other locations at the moment, and North Africa is not a plausible idea for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Q: Why is ProMods incompatible with TSM?
A: ProMods is incompatible with TSM, because both maps interfere with each other, in terms of mapping sectors. This means that in certain areas, both TSM and ProMods have mapped their versions of the map, making both incompatible with each other. You can view a list of mods which are (in)compatible with ProMods here.

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04 Jul 2014 22:34

Now I can't remember any "rare" question but the basic ones should include:
Q: Who makes ProMods? (Pointing about the voluntary way it's made and it's consequences)

Q: When will you release the next version?
A: ProMods has the policy of not having deadlines in order not to dissappoint anyone and avoid unnecessary pressure. As we always say: It will be out when it's ready. Always.

Q: Can you include XYZ city? (even changing the title of the existing thread would help as someone pointed)

Q: Do I require any DLC in order to use ProMods (that will be in future a tricky point)

Q: Is ProMods compatible with XYZ? (pointing especially about maps)

Q: How do I report a bug?

Q: How do I install ProMods?
A: We have complete instructions in this link. Please read them throughly in order to avoid bugs.

... As we continue seeing these kind of questions, we could include them here.

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04 Jul 2014 23:33

Q: What can I expect in the next version of ProMods?
A: You can find a list of planned content for future versions here *link to progress chart*, which is updated periodically. Note our team will not be influenced by members persuading us to include other cities, the final decision is that of the developers only.

Q: How can I tell if a problem lies with the map or with my game?
A: ProMods developers and staff are very busy. Please save us the stress and check for yourself by disabling mods and re-enabling them one-by-one. If you disable all mods and the problem persists, un-install and re-install the game, remembering to back up your files.

Q: What is ProMods?
A: "ProMods" is a freeware map mod which can be added to the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 to further enhance your driving experience, including many more European cities than the standard map offers. The map is not created by SCS Software staff and is not an official DLC.

Q: I have waited a long time for a map update. Why?
A: ProMods staff are tirelessly working on the next update. This update will include new content and fixed bugs. These take a long time to develop. Please be patient. If you feel like you can do it quicker, feel free to try it out!

Just a few ideas.

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05 Jul 2014 07:23

Some suggestions :
Q: What are became the others projects ( Euromir , Ireland , Italy , Spain )?
A: They are seized , because of the new update of the game (1.11) who caming very soon

Q: Why my city XYZ is not represented ?
A: Some reasons of place , time and size of the city . We cannot respect all the requests of others

Q: And for the rest of the map ?
A: We don't know , maybe in a very long term plan , we can modify considerably the original map

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06 Jul 2014 09:05

Do you make FAQ to multiple languages? I can translate it to finnish language.
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06 Jul 2014 13:08

If made in multiple languages, I think they should be just a link to a similar post it's corresponding forum, just to keep it neat. And I could translate it to Spanish.

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29 Sep 2014 20:21

MrSimsFaniFIN wrote:Do you make FAQ to multiple languages? I can translate it to finnish language.
I'm also available for translating it to Finnish.
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10 Oct 2014 10:12

I'm ready to translate FAQ into Polish.

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10 Oct 2014 13:07

mikoair wrote:I'm ready to translate FAQ into Polish.
Don't worry, there's no FAQ... Yet. Anyway, it could be made with LoaderSaints' tutorial...

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