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OMSI Map created by me

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 21:38
by BrunoAlexLUX
Hi, everyone. I create maps for OMSI and thought this would be a good place to share my work.

I just released a map called 'Luxembourg Fictional 1.0'. As the name of the map says, it is a fictional map based in Luxembourg. Here's the discription of the map:

Welcome to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg!

Drive across one of the smallest countries in Europe, through cities, towns, farms and forests.

The map contains 7 bus lines (1 city line, 4 regional lines and 2 schoolbus lines) and around 80 AI lines:

AVL (Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg):
19 - Centre-Gare <-> Ernster, Duerfplaaz

RGTR (Régime Général de Transports Régionaux):
120 - Luxembourg <-> Junglinster (CFL)
218 - Luxembourg <-> Wasserbillig (Sales-Lentz)
419 - Wasserbillig <-> Girst <-> Junglinster, Um Räiland (Erny Wewer)
487 - Wasserbillig <-> Girst (Sales-Lentz)
965 - Luxembourg <-> Lycée T. Junglinster (CFL)(Schoolbus)
978 - Junglinster <-> Lycée T. Junglinster (Erny Wewer)(Schoolbus)

For pictures and more information:
Facebook page: ... 395716431/