Best 2 lane country roads?

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21 Feb 2019 03:05

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BERGEN TUNNELS          -10385.2;5.25531;-56288.3;0.397946;-0.0189382
STAVANGER               -10688.8;14.8132;-47160.5;-2.55101;-0.00185663
TORINO/BERN             -11873.9;49.8026;28936;-1.18021;-0.0168351
BERN/MILANO ALPS        -13262.6;53.1382;20004.9;-3.05266;-0.0190093
CLERMONT-FERRAND E      -29920.6;37.7143;26775.6;-1.74967;0.00261402
MONTPELLIER/LIMOGES     -31674.3;61.2339;32431.5;1.48755;-0.000315828
BOURGES/LUXEMBOURG      -32060.8;31.9095;16148.7;-0.000527188;-0.000443877
PYRENEES                -42607.9;43.9425;37947.7;2.25146;-0.109437
PAU/HUESCA              -47950.2;34.809;36218.6;2.7468;-0.00187658
GLASGOW NORTH           -49695.6;102.23;-48318.5;-1.57236;-0.000309851
TORSHAVN                -51394.3;11.113;-81195.9;0.501096;0.00143332
ICELAND SOUTH           -69321.1;7.90307;-93818.3;3.06417;-0.124047
AKUREYRI SOUTH          -77145.4;-6.19572;-100549;2.85102;-0.00031393
AKUREYRI WEST           -77242.2;-6.19567;-102405;0.311587;-0.000299075
LIVORNO/ANCONA          -939.432;27.2477;39706.9;2.82166;0.00414545
LONGYEARBYEN            19773.9;1.50658;-181049;-3.07461;0.00604935
BRNO/NORTH              20595;49.6129;8665.84;-0.552949;-0.000313023
FINLAND EPIC            38823.6;61.8028;-86857.7;-0.570165;-0.00283337
KIRKENES DIRT           44940.3;15.1884;-108305;2.30959;0.00702866
MURMANSK                53708.5;-17.7884;-104711;1.45764;-0.00185776
PARMA                   -2743.03;36.3394;33929.9;-2.70128;-0.000308483
NANTES/BOURGES          -49191.8;21.8199;14730.3;-1.55458;-0.000313617
WALES                   -60876.6;19.219;-19927.9;2.91381;0.0162429
GALWAY/DERRY            -75475;16.6208;-35485.4;-0.547179;-0.000296457
CASSINO/PESCARA         12581.3;24.8199;52167.9;0.102413;-0.000312828
TURKU NORTH             35895.2;63.4833;-57234.6;0.334054;0.011735
TORNIO NORTH            38725.8;43.8694;-86677.1;-0.466557;-0.00724358
PANEVESYZ               46439.6;59.3193;-30498;-0.0345104;.000018227
TARTU SOUTH             50851.1;21.5307;-45716.2;2.0965;-0.000392759
TARTU NORTH             51151.9;21.5308;-46550;-0.115184;-0.000313433
CHISINAU                69552.9;71.8199;16213.1;2.44206;-0.000304296
This is the current list of my favourite 2-lane side roads, which are presented as a menu of ride start points in my new, v3 Euro Bike Simulator controller. As usual I am never sure which are native ETS2 and which are PM, but some of them are staggeringly beautiful. The road from Clermont-Ferrand east is a particular favourite of mine :-)

I was wondering if anyone had any strong recommends for similar roads, or exciting promises of more and better to come in the next version, etc. If I've missed a really great one, send coords! If any dev is wondering whether more little 2-lanes are a good idea: Yes, Please, they are a very very good idea and I am hungry for more and more of them :-) especially ones with some hill climbing, switchbacks, etc.

I'll be documenting v3 of the controller soon (YT video and project writeup, github source code etc). Here's the original project doco for those who never heard of it... ... rld-8ff961

nothing has changed except the controller box -- which is now about half the size, Due based so about 5x faster, nice and tidy, with a touch screen instead of all those crazy buttons and switches.

Have had very little time to work on fun stuff (real life got out of hand) but am now once again taking nice sunny bike rides while it's -3 and driving sleet outside :-) I've frozen my ETS2 at 1.31 so as to stay compatible with the last PM distro I'm aware of. Is it time to move on yet?
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