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21 Jun 2019 12:21

I'm new to Promods and the first thing I tried was the downloads and install of the multipack. No problem there, but it was incompatible for my version. (ProMods is multipack 2.4 ETS2 1.34 - I don't know what this means.) How do I get earlier versions which may be compatible with my version? How do I know what my version is? This is a great site, but for a newbie it's a bit confusing trying to find stuff.
Anybody got an idiot's guide for me please?

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21 Jun 2019 13:30

Look at the Compatibility tab at the top. You'll find which version of the game you need for every version of ProMods.

How to check your game version? Just launch the game and take a look in the top-left corner ;)
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21 Jun 2019 19:01

Thanks Voytek.
I did just what you said and downloaded the correct version and I now have a new Europe to discover.
I can't thank you enough.

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