Why do not we have control of the compatible mods we use?

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06 Jul 2019 14:19

Well, I open this thread because I see that 99% of the problems are due to having so many mods incompatible with the version they are using, the Mod administrator can not always verify if a mod is compatible or not, the Modder sometimes does not add the necessary information, Modder should be respect and add information about compatibility with the game version (manifest file), by not doing so, this causes confusion and many problems to users.

People should know that many mods should be updated with each new version of the game; if they are subscribed in the Workshop, they only need to look at the mod's information to see if it has been updated.

If it has been externally downloaded, you can search the author's thread to see if that mod has been updated or should be removed from its active mods.

I think it's not that difficult (and I do not want to offend anyone, I know that not everyone has knowledge about them) but if you use mods, you must control that they are all updated and in the correct order (very important that many do not respect), this would avoid Many problems and I would get a better experience in the game, without errors.

I think people should know this basic information if they are going to use mods

Sorry for my english


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14 Jul 2019 15:36

I fully support your position.... if the mod is not available for the latest version, do not use it..
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