Is/will Bauska be included in Promods?

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23 Jul 2019 15:53

Greetings from a Latvian.

Im new to Euro Truck 2 or Simulators in general, but as I bought the ETS2 complete Bundle on Sale. I got exctactic. I was like, yes Latvia, but then I was, wait? Where is Bauska? The town between two rivers? with 2 bridges and an uphill/downhill T/circular junction.
The main road A7 "via Baltica" road which is used for transit/logistics throughout all the Baltic States. if a Truck wants to cross South from Riga to Lithuania, they most likely will use A7 through Bauska.

So I decided to look for mods. Stumbled upon ProMods (Great Job Guys), total newbie by the way, bought the 2.41 version for 1€, did everything as written in the steps, activated the mod/files, drove the A7, no Bauska.

Did I miss another promod version out?
should I buy the 2.40 version too, or is everything included from the previous versions in 2.41?

Gonna admit too, Bauska is my birth Town :)


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23 Jul 2019 16:26

Maybe there's just no space for it. We'll take a look.
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23 Jul 2019 16:49

I believe this town was included prior to the Baltic DLC merge, but there may not be room to merge it back
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