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25 Jul 2019 19:56

Hi, This is a topic about your ping in online games like Fortnite , Call Of Duty and other online games.
My ping in Fortnite is 60ms to 120ms to European Servers.
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25 Jul 2019 22:27

It depends where I am but currently between 10 and 20 ms
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26 Jul 2019 18:23

For some games like Apex legends, CS:GO or Fortnite, I get 50-65 ms to European servers.
If I play in NA east servers, I get 110~ms
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26 Aug 2019 13:00

my ping is about 50~60 in ETS 2 MP

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22 Oct 2019 18:05

for most of the games I play in European servers, my ping is above 100ms.

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