Why are danish signs on the swedish E6, in real life too?

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27 Oct 2019 00:53

As some of you may know, on the swedish part of the E6 in south Halland, between Laholm and Falkenberg the signs are different from the rest of Sweden. (both in RL and ingame) Actually they are Danish style signs. I noticed this a long time ago and have searched the internet for some time why it is like this but found nothing. Just out of curiosity, does someone know the story behind it?
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30 Oct 2019 07:16

As far as I know, someone in Halland local county wanted to experiment with adopting a Danish style signage, and if they were a success they would be placed throughout the whole county. It never took off... but some of the DK-inspired signs are still remaining
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15 Nov 2019 19:57

Maybe they just realised how much cooler Danish signs look than Swedish ones.
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