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What car you have & what you've driven in the past?

You can talk about anything here (but respect the rules)
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29 Apr 2019 19:57

Hi guys, as once explained in a different off-topic post, I've set my paperwork for my car in order to get a beautiful OPEL TIGRA TWINTOP, 2005, 1.8 litre engine, 125 HP, red all across, with beautiful headlights and other goodies as well, since it's my first car ever, I'm not going to sell it straight away, maybe in 5 to 10 years, depending on the level of wear and tear and difficulty to obtain its spare parts in the future, right now I'm more than happy to drive this beauty in red, it's very reliable, much better than an already present OPEL CORSA C, 2001, 1.2 Elegance model, owned by my family here, the TIGRA TT is mine, I bought it entirely with no special help, I put my own money into it, still couldn't be happier, it's snappy as hell. :twisted:

In the future I might upgrade for a five-door variant of an ASTRA J or even the next generation after the letter K, or whatever they decide to put onto their future models, also having a KARL optimised to just 1.4 litre engine, 90 HP, newer model, would be a straight win for me. :)

Starting with a sports car now at a much more single and not married or entangled stage, made much more sense, everything else is a waste of money for me at this point, it will attract female companions, I'm sure, but I also keep my cravings and feelings in proper balance and perspective. 8-)

Right now having a German make and model, but not so expensive as a BMW, VW or even AUDI and PORSCHE and last but not least MERCEDES BENZ, justifies my decision without making too many compromises on the budget, because I bought second-hand as well, it's surrounded by some minor difficulties in its wear and tear, but nothing damaging yet, with proper care, attention and safety, those errors and defects will never get to the point of being too much of an issue. ;)

Edit : I've always opted-out Italian makes and model when it comes to cars, because of increased fuel consumption and bigger issues with wear and tear, sorry, I'd love to maybe buy an ALFA ROMEO, FERRARI or MASERATI, but some things need to be under control, specifically fuel consumption, with every increasing oil and petrol shortages throughtout the world, my checkbook can't keep up with higher fuel prices, so consumption is a very important factor for me here.

In the past however, our car park was very different, my grandfather ran an import-export company, so we had many cars to choose from, owned and bought, one which impressed me from the start was the VW JETTA, 1985, green, it ran on diesel, the only one at our home at that time, but was very low on consumption, it stunned me every time, next in line was the RENAULT Clio 1997, turquoise, of course my second best choice, and I wanted that to be my very first car ever, but was quickly sold a few years later due to some personal decisions, never knew which, it was a beautiful car and even on common petrol, its consumption was stunningly low, it had a 1.4 litre variant too.

Other cars were primarily for work and business transports, but the ŠKODA Felicia Pick-up variant 1.6, was my favorite, also very snappy.

A few years later, before my family bought the CORSA C, 2001, there were some smaller contenders, yes, but all were too weak to be anything but boring and uninteresting as hell. Come to think of it, if I didn't buy this TIGRA, it would end up having to choose between driving the CORSA C or the CITROEN Berlingo, minivan variant, still occupying our home parking, but slow in terms of grip and performance. In the end buying the TIGRA, made me very happy. :D
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29 Apr 2019 20:08

DeTomaso Pantera... in Assetto Corsa


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13 May 2019 21:07

I have only driven a Hyundai ix35 :lol:
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21 Jun 2019 19:46

That's a nice SUV, also packs some punches, I haven tested it, because slightly bigger vehicles don't go well with me, in the future I will have to adjust to that possibility as well, because as soon as I start a family of my own, driving such a nice and neat SUV might become necessary, adjusting to the number of kids, ofc. 8-)

I'm not inept when driving cars is concerned, just haven't gotten around more than one brand yet, except only a Clio 2007, 1.4 Dynamique Sport, which I also mentioned in my previous post perhaps, that went straight away to another buyer, sadly, nice car, small, but quick as hell, except my current car eats him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. :D

My current driveway configuration and type of parcel (property), probably still doesn't allow bigger vehicles to be easily parked and locked away, in the future changes will become necessary, as my taste for buying cars will also include SUV's in the following years to come. ;)

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22 Jun 2019 16:09

I don't personally own a car, but what I have driven in is:

2010 Chevrolet Spark
2014 Toyota Etios
2019 Hyundai H-100 (They sell it here in South Africa as an H-100, but they also call it a Hyundai Porter)
2013 Chevrolet Utility (Same thing as the Hyundai, they sell it as a Chevrolet Utility or an Opel Corsa Utility in South Africa, it's known as a Chevrolet Montana in the US).
2013 Volkswagen Polo Vivo
1970s Nissan 1400 (These were first sold as a Datsun 1200 in the early 70s in South Africa, then became a Nissan 1400 in late 70s or 80s)

The Chevrolet Utility and the Hyundai I drive a lot around Cape Town for work. We recently replaced our previous Hyundai H-100 and it clocked 282 700 km. It took ages to start, it's battery connection wasn't good and it's gear stick was loose, but they are great fun to drive around and to haul around heavy loads.

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25 Jun 2019 14:43

I currently own an old SAAB 9-3 from '98. I don't really use it since I rather ride my motorcycle, which is a Suzuki SV650.

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01 Jul 2019 10:24

1993 BMW E36 325i coupe
1994 BMW E36 M3 coupe
1992 Mercedes-Benz W124 E200
1991 Mercedes-Benz W124 230E

1988 BMW E30 320i 2d
1998 BMW E36 328i coupe
2000 BMW E39 528i

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01 Jul 2019 10:45

I don't have a car, but my mom has a Hyundai Tucson 2015 and My dad has a Mitsubishi Carisma 1999.

Also my mom had an Opel Corsa 2001
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01 Jul 2019 13:17

I currently have Mercedes-Benz W202 from 1997, my first car still.
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01 Jul 2019 19:40

I drive a Peugeot 206. I really love the looks of Peugeot.
Hoping for the 407 to be my next car.

My dream car is a Mercedes-Benz c63 AMG

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