PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

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18 Aug 2013 08:03

This topic is all about next-gen consoles, so here you can talk about what next-gen console do you prefer, what exclusive games specific console would interest you, and so forth.

But please note, I want to keep this topic free from trolling, whenever it's about trolling PS4 or Xbox One, because that is probably something that moderators will not keenly take on. :roll:

Since Xbox One has been delayed for Scandinavian countries until 2014, my preferable next-gen console would be PS4.

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18 Aug 2013 09:12

Hi There,
I guess my choice would be PS4 as XBOX One is not backward compatible thank fully there was a change of policy by Microsoft with not going ahead with downloaded playable games only .
But in all honesty would stick with my old Xbox 360.

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20 Aug 2013 15:28

I wil go for ps4. But wil wait some mounths before i get it.

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30 Aug 2013 21:43

PS4 is amaizing, but Xbox One with they're poor specs and spying Kinect.

+PS4 is cheaper than Xbox One. I don't like Xbox controller due to they're analog sticks and keys are so messed up and misplaced.

Did anyone go to Gamescom or E3? Would be cool if you could tell me how the Dualshock 4 feels like :)

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06 Sep 2013 08:16

I am completely opposite to david on the controller, I far prefer the Xbox layout over the Sony dualshocks. Just seems easier and more comfortable to hold to for me.

At this time, I don't actually have any plans to buy either console. Maybe in 18months if the prices fall, but for now, I see no reason to jump to next gen. Particularly if you consider the price hike on games too. For now my PC and 360 will do just fine.

If I do, the Xbox will be my preferred choice. I love sim games in general and to me Forza is the better package than Gran Turismo so I would always favour Xbox now for that reason.

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06 Sep 2013 12:39

The PS has a to small controller when I look at it. My fingers start hurting after playing 1-2 hours. Also those dualschocks are misplaced (in my eyes). The left one is hard to use (since Im right handed)...

The shape of the xbox (360) controller has a better shape to hold and I prefer the layout more...

Still not gonna buy ps4 or xbox one. They are now starting to overprice me and PC is now getting more and more an option.
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06 Sep 2013 12:55

I love my PS3 and still have at least 6 games that I haven't had time to finish which is going to take me a few more years so no PS4 for me (yet).

I really don't understand why anybody would want an Xbox One comparing all of the flaws with the PS4
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08 Sep 2013 20:23

I have to admit, I would buy the Xbox one as online for the PS4 will cost 50-60 pounds. 10-20 pounds dearer than Xbox Live.

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27 Oct 2013 14:46

i wont be buying PS4 and Xbox One i'll just stick to my GameCube which is 11 years old now. I'm going to refurbish the GameCube until the day it breaks but it wont break because its Japanese. [not a racist statement]

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28 Oct 2013 14:57

usm101 wrote:I have to admit, I would buy the Xbox one as online for the PS4 will cost 50-60 pounds. 10-20 pounds dearer than Xbox Live.
No no no buddy, multiplayer is free on PS4.
Xbox Live costs like millions and you can't basically do nothing with it.

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