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Other games.

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09 Aug 2013 23:33

I play usually ETS 2, Cities In Motion, Medal Of Honor:Warfighter and NHL with my friends. Im looking forward to BF4 and GTA V. I used to play a lot BF 3, but then i got annoying bug so I stopped playing Battlefield 3.

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24 Aug 2013 11:22

I usually play just all kinds of simulators that raise interest in me and the few RPG:s and FPS:s.


Deus Ex: HR
I've played all CoD:s, I enjoy the offline story.

rFactor 1&2
NFS ProStreet 1 (the second was utter crap what came to drifting so didn't play the game much.)
Rigs of Rods

IL-2 Sturmovik (I don't own currently working joystick but i have planned for buying one stick with pedals. I used DFP pedals for rudder control, no going back to wrist steer stick. Ever. ;) DFP is now sold and G27s pedals dont mix with flying so well as DFPs.)

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23 Oct 2013 10:09

Company of Heroes Blitzkrieg
World of Tanks
Iron Front 1944
And ARMA 3

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24 Oct 2013 01:05

Farming Simulator 2013
Train Simulator 2014
18 WOS Pedal to the Metal [best SCS game ever made in my opinion]
Forza Motorsport 2 [just completed the arcade and career it this summer]
GTA IV [haven't picked up GTA V yet but I should]
Midnight Club Los Angeles
Need for Speed Most Wanted [2005]
Need for Speed Carbon
Need for Speed Underground 1 and 2
Madden NFL 2005
Madden NFL 2004
Madden NFL 2006
SimCity 4
RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe from 2000 [still works]
Rise of Nations
Railroad Tycoon 3
NASCAR Thunder 2003
NASCAR Dirt To Daytona

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11 Jan 2014 17:16

Mostly play racing and sandbox games.
At this moment, F1 2013, Assetto Corsa, iRacing etc.
Playing Minecraft, Garry's Mod etc too
When I feel like it I play GTA V on my PS3.

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12 Jan 2014 00:03

ETS2, BF3 and World of tanks..
I have medal of honor warfighter too, but no time to play it.. :Dddd

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12 Jan 2014 15:54

Mostly BF4 (Pretty much always).

ETS2 when i'm really bored, maybe since I spend 10 hours in a truck a day, 4 days a week.

Feel free to add me on BF4 "lSwitchbackl"
Once a trucker, always a trucker!

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12 Jan 2014 16:29

i will next time playing .also got but gta v and ets 2 take a lot of time...but i read in bf4 also many hackers like in gta v?!

See you in Los Santos >>>>> Scaniadriver 19

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12 Jan 2014 18:46

There are no hackers, its the netcode. I've been called for a hacker like 1000 times now and also my community aswell [XIG] (Xtreme multi-international gaming). So the netcode might make it look like that people hacks.

^ BF4 is totally worth it!
Once a trucker, always a trucker!

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14 Jan 2014 17:34

flightsimulator x
sniper elite v2
nhl 2012
cod various
fifa 13
pga masters
the cybermen's planet mondas.just down the road from skaro,planet of the daleks
There is logic in eurotruck 2

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