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Arthur nelson
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25 Dec 2019 05:22

Ok thank you for reply i guess I am out of luck. I do appreciate the hard work and the freedom given on this sim. Now if I can clear some errors of dx9 maybe won't crash so much. But again thanks.

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30 Jan 2020 08:50

where can I download old versions of ProMods?

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30 Jan 2020 09:04

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12 Apr 2020 21:18

Good Evening.

Just tried out the new Promods 2.45 and noticed that the GPS now notifies you when you enter a country and to keep in a certain lane during border crossings. Are you guys going to implement the same feature in Promods ATS as well? Would be a nice little feature for when the GPS notifies you of when you enter a state and cross into Canada.

Amazing work again guys, with all things large and small. Thanks and stay safe.

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12 Apr 2020 23:08

If it can be done you can expect us to do it
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16 Apr 2020 19:08

I often see people with trucks that have liveries and accessories themed after the company their player character founded, up to and including a lightbox on the "forehead" of the truck specifying the player's company's name, like this. I'm wondering, how could I create the same thing for my own company?

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29 Apr 2020 09:10

Hi guys
Is there a map with overview or color to show which part of the map are done by Promods and which are Vanilla by SCS in 1.36 ?

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29 Apr 2020 18:35

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30 Apr 2020 13:44

Thanks! Are the green roads the roads redone by PM as well or only cities redone?
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01 May 2020 17:25

I am working on a new version of that map however. Google MyMaps didn't suit my needs anymore. I needed more layers. To indeed do as you ask, show what's ProMods and what isn't.
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