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19 Dec 2015 11:08

Nevada dlc? :O when was that announced?

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19 Dec 2015 12:06

adrian007 wrote:@jdenm8 yeah mate was up at my local EBgames this arvo and told them about it will be interesting to see how much they sell it for but.
Adrian 8-)
Online's currently got the preorder price set t 29.95. It'd be unlike EB to set a pre-order price cheaper than the RRP. With the trash exchange rate and the possibility it's getting the DLC free, physical is definitely the way to go.
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19 Dec 2015 14:09

G'day Jednm8 thanks for that didn't even see it until you told me as I've said I'm not exactly rushing out to get this but it will be interesting to see what happens price wise .
It does get a bit much with the crappy exchange rate and merchant fees (2% PayPal and Credit Card plus currency conversion @1.9% as well ) and then can't even change Steam to AUD$ so if I was thinking about getting the game will get the physical version .
For example I bought the DLC Cabin Accessories which was USD$4.00 which by the time of doing currency exchange and merchant fees worked out to AUD$6.00.
@Nico not nit-picking or anything mate don't you mean Arizona ?
Adrian 8-)

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19 Dec 2015 14:32

Nope sorry, Nevada.

There are also roads leading to Arizona, never saw anything from that.
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19 Dec 2015 14:34

Nevada? Is Scs trying to sneak in some DLC plans in ets2 map again boy are they sneaky :lol: :lol:
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19 Dec 2015 14:57

jspence73 wrote:Nevada? Is Scs trying to sneak in some DLC plans in ets2 map again boy are they sneaky :lol: :lol:
I don't get it what are you trying to say? By making Nevada DLC SCS has plans for ETS2? What the..?
We all know there is France DLC in the making and it has nothing to do with ATS DLCs

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19 Dec 2015 15:50

Well, because ATS and ETS2 are different as 'night' and 'day' - different scales, the 'touches' in the map editing itself.
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19 Dec 2015 23:40

This is what will be selling in this country with the DLC included ... mulator-PC , chances are SCS might be working on Nevada but this is all I've seen thus far . Have even made one of my rare visits to the blog (SCS) and can't see any mention there still not convinced about buying it though as has been noted and I don't want to start any flame wars or whatever it's called these days ;) if SCS releases the game with DLC is it logical to assume that whenever another state is made(?) this might be a pay DLC ?
Given that there are 52 states minus the DLC at first release and Hawaii this might turn out to be fairly expensive as the Scandinavian DLC was USD$19.00 x ?
Adrian 8-)

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20 Dec 2015 02:45

I doubt the states will be that expensive as DLC's. Some will probably be included in free updates as well. And don't forget, many states in the western* US are quite empty, and the scale is a lot smaller than in ETS2...
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20 Dec 2015 09:38

Actually the east is much denser than the west :)

the east is home to Boston new York Washington DC Miami etc.
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