Driving Styles in game

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17 Nov 2013 19:41

Moh1336 wrote:Maybe it's because I am of that older generation growing up with Spectrums, but I find driving with the keyboard very easy. Easier than using my 360 controller, though I really do want a new wheel at some point.
This is interesting, I guess that could be a reason haha.
Moh1336 wrote:
Generally I will limit my self to 90k on motorways, 80k or dual carriage ways and 70k on single roads or otherwise follow the road speed limit.

I rarely have damage on my vehicle caused by my own carelessness, though do sometimes get caught out by dodgy AI and the occasional road glitch that gives you damage for no apparent reason. At worst I usually finish with 2% damage, normally 0%.
This is different to me, I limit to 90kph on Motorways and Dual-carriageways, but I also try and do as close to that speed on single roads, meaning I have to overtake a lot of stuff. You must be a better driver than me if you get that low on damage, or maybe I just get unlucky with the AI :lol:

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27 Nov 2013 17:42

I drive faster than the scenery can generate,its not the safest way to drive I know, but in real life I would not drive that way.at least here if I crash no-one gets carted of to the slab at county.here I can take out all my fustrations on van drivers who have done nothing but get in my way all day lol
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27 Nov 2013 18:07

cyberman wrote:I can take out all my fustrations on van drivers who have done nothing but get in my way all day lol
Lol, I guess this is what happens to me, except I don't mean to. I always drive into the AI after following them close cos the keyboard brakes are not exactly amazing.

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28 Nov 2013 15:34

yea thats why I use a Xbox 360 wired controller to control the truck.

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12 Dec 2013 00:19

As an American driver, I've actually driven in Canada through snow (during my holiday break two weeks ago). Over there, they use the metric system, but driving actually feels the same in general. With my G27 wheel in handy, driving in the game feels almost like real life, despite the fact that an articulated truck is being driven and with all of the European signs I see, especially when I drove past a sign that says "Fart Kontrol" (In my mind I thought to myself, Oh Gosh, I need to stop farting! :lol: ). But I do drive defensively even though the AI has funky driving dynamics. If they give way to me even though THEY are on a priority road, I proceed with caution, looking at the other direction for more traffic. I follow the country speed limits given from every border crossing. If I am carrying a heavy/oversized load, I drive at 70 km/h with beacons since the speed limit is indicated on the trailer. Carrying a normal load, I drive at 90 km/h on motorways, multi-lane highways, and single-lane roads unless specified by signs, or if there is a sharp corner ahead in which it is indicated on the SatNav. Overall, I am a defensive driver.

I must also point out that I made myself a mod where AI speeds are matched to the country speed limits for every country. So driving on the single-lane roads are...faster.

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12 Dec 2013 08:00

I tend to play as realistic as possible. But sometimes the AI makes me do stupid things. Once there was an never ending stop were the first car just would´nt go pass an intersection after passing under a highway so I passed em by driving on the slope to the right. Yesterday when hauling from southern poland to Gdansk I caught my self speeding severaltime due to timepreasuer (Ha ha, I guess thats life) and swearing at traffic. Some say the AI is´nt that good. I say the got it next to right cause the AI are idiots just like in real life *LOL*

Im using the G27 with the TrackIR5 and that makes the experiance even better especially when leaning to the side trying to see if you can pass the truck up ahead =D

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12 Dec 2013 16:40

I drive using a Logitech G27 and I do try to be as sensible as possible and park my own trailer every delivery but some of the heavy hauls can be impossible to park due to the lack of space so I don't park them :L

most deliveries I do finish with 0% damage but at the moment I am using a winter mod and it is quite difficult to keep the trailer straight :D

when I don't have a trailer though I properly go for it and go around the cities and motorways as fast as I can and break at the last minute.

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13 Dec 2013 02:59

Boeing73FLY wrote:...when I drove past a sign that says "Fart Kontrol" (In my mind I thought to myself, Oh Gosh, I need to stop farting! :lol: )
Actually there's not supposed to be a blank space. The term is "fartkontrol" (speed zone). I wonder why the town of "Middelfart" wasn't included in the ProMods map?

Imagine if you worked for the "Middelfart" police and had to put up "Fartkontrol" signs... :lol:

Here in the U.S. we have our share of truly strange town names. For example Gay, Georgia... Back in the early nineteen-sixties while at U.S. Army Basic Training, one of my fellow victims (er, soldiers) refused to tell the Drill Instructor (D.I.) his actual birthplace. Later that afternoon, the D.I. announced in a loud voice that Private Richard (aka: Dick) Stroker was born in Gay, Georgia...

Now that was cruel! :shock:
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13 Dec 2013 07:09

True when seeing this sign irl I always need to think about the poor guy who had to put it up :D Image

And I know of some place in the US with a strange name: Intercourse, Pensylvania
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04 Jan 2014 20:31

I drive carefully, until something goes wrong (like my truck getting damaged, AI crashing into me). Then I start to loose it, just trying to get to the Job's end. I do not use the brakes when going downhill. I like finding things in the map that I know of in real life, so I especially liked driving along pont du normandi!

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