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Location: Germany

04 Mar 2020 17:38

Lost somwhere in the heart of the Ruhrpott, Western Germany. :lol:

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20 Mar 2020 19:08

Eckernförde, Germany

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Location: Bedford, United Kingdom

27 Mar 2020 20:08

Even though I am Serbian/Macedonian, I live in Bedford, GB
Srpskohrvatski (Српски/Црногорски, Hrvatski, Bosanski)

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07 Apr 2020 09:01

Hello I am French and I live in the village of GRANE in the department of Drôme (postal code 26400) in France obviously :D
Around between Lyon and Marseille, but more precisely between Valence and Montelimar

Well I know that the place is limited on ets2 but I would love to see Valence in the game, it's a pretty big city all the same
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