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21 Nov 2013 09:44

Hi People ,
don't know if anyone knows this program it's called " Coast " with Neil Oliver where he roams along the coast of the UK well he's travelled through Norway recently and I've got to admit it looks very pretty .
Can anyone tell me if the Atlantic road is on this map it's the one interconnecting the islands I think it's in Trondheim .
Adrian 8-)

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26 Jan 2014 20:55

Well all I know is the road connecting from Bergen to Stavanger so no is my best guess. Nico may help u.

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28 Jan 2014 14:46

Its not there, and I doubt it will be. The scale of the map in ETS2 is way to small to fit it in any meaningful way.
Believe they plan to do Trondheim in the future, and suspect they will include E39 from Bergen, and E6 from Oslo.
The Atlantic coast road is a scenic tourist route in the summer. No long haul transport drive there afaik.

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