ProMods 2.45 has been released. It runs on game version 1.36 and requires ALL map DLCs. It is not compatible with open beta 1.37.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are sadly unable to expand our server capacity as per usual and the free download servers are likely to be overwhelmed upon release. Please be kind and patient or use the paid service for a better experience.

1.19 public beta

You can talk about anything here (but respect the rules)
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14 Jul 2015 17:27

:lol: Thank you xD So that's why it didn't make any sense to me :lol:
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14 Jul 2015 20:08

It's nice to hear that 1.19 open beta is finally released, but for full compatibility with current mods, I keep myself in and wait for the official release of 1.19 :)
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14 Jul 2015 23:10

Is ProMods going to release any hotfix for 1.19. because there seem to be some compatibility issues?
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14 Jul 2015 23:28

I think so. Not 100% sure yet.
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14 Jul 2015 23:40

Rosikuiske wrote:Is ProMods going to release any hotfix for 1.19. because there seem to be some compatibility issues?
I would prefer not to because it slows down development on 2.0 a lot
But if 1.95 becomes unplayable we don't have a choice
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