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ETS2 Dutch map

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 22:24
by Superdavecan
I had a look at the ProMods FB page today (well, still marked as ETS2 Scandinavia Mod), and I saw in the page's likes that there was an ETS2 Dutch map in development. I checked out what they had done so far, and so far so good, I like the signs especially :) And it's definitely welcome news for everyone (mostly Dutch people) who want more cities in the Netherlands, when it simply isn't possible with the ProMods map due to the scale. I'm not Dutch myself but this is where I live... I think it's a pretty cool development!

Just wondering though, is anyone on the ProMods team associated with the Dutch map? Or is it a completely separate development?

Re: ETS2 Dutch map

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 07:42
by Nico
I started a project like that in februari 2013... But due to the lack of time I stopped with it.

The Dutch map is using mandelsoft his signs (hence why it looks so good)

I have been with these guys from the start, helping them whenever I could, but they are terrible. Modding wise it's not that good and the amount of fights and changes in members is just making it very confusing. Once there were 15 people (none modding) now there are 2 left (both modding)....

I hope they will ever release something ;)

Re: ETS2 Dutch map

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 22:20
by Superdavecan
Yeah I could definitely tell they were MandelSoft signs... unmistakable! ;)

That's too bad that they're not a great team... but then it can never really be easy to manage a team for a project like this, right? Who knows what their end result will be with the Dutch map... if it does get released I will definitely try it out, at least to explore all the different roads if nothing else. But as you said, perhaps it's not really that great as a map mod... nothing competes with ProMods! :D But I just think it's nice to see a local map to a different scale. And I'm sure as a Dutch person you can at least agree with that part ;)

Re: ETS2 Dutch map

Posted: 17 Nov 2019 12:47
by Kuya is aardig
hoi allemaal,ik wil graag de dutch map instaleren weet iemand de link hiernaartoe,dank jullie wel,als iemand mij de link geeft om het te downloaden.

hi everyone, i would like to install the dutch map someone will know the link here, thank you, if someone gives me the link to download it.

Re: ETS2 Dutch map

Posted: 17 Nov 2019 16:25
by PerrydPelle
NL: Het is all heel lang niet meer verkrijgbaar

EN: It’s been discontinued for a long time now