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Michael Rosen
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21 Aug 2015 18:26

what is your favourite food?
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21 Aug 2015 18:32

Kebab,Rice,Pizza and french fries.
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21 Aug 2015 18:34

I am a fat man, so my favorite food is... FOOD!
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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21 Aug 2015 18:39

I'd appreciate if you'd czech my special album here

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22 Aug 2015 00:29

Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.
Also a big fan of pasta.
Leivasupp is also quite good.

(honestly theres too much to list :lol: )
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22 Aug 2015 00:58

Tripe and wild onion pie! :lol:
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22 Aug 2015 06:46

Braised meat with rice,kebab,meatball,ayranaşı (A soup made with wheat and yoghurt),ayran (water + yoghurt),stuffed grape leaves (the translation is not very good) Grilled vegetables such as pepper and eggplant is also good.As dessert,I like baklava and cake and chocolates,but I don`t tend to eat them much. :D I also like cheese.

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22 Aug 2015 07:55

You can always wake me up for a BBQ .. meat must be my favourite
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22 Aug 2015 09:04

ScuL wrote:You can always wake me up for a BBQ .. meat must be my favourite
i like bbq too, also pasta, burritos and meat

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22 Aug 2015 10:46

So much good food to choose from, but I think kebab takes the spot. But a great piece of meat could be just as good... I cannot choose one. :P
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