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08 Sep 2015 12:47

Mamaliga + brinza + meat


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09 Sep 2015 06:20

n4gix.bill.leaming wrote:I learned many years ago while living in Iran that there are a LOT of ways to prepare rice, which is a good thing since nearly every meal in Iran has rice served in some fashion. Every country has its own particular "staple food" that's served frequently.
We also eat lots of rice!

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09 Sep 2015 19:38

Mămăligă with cheese (brânză), sărmaluțe, mititei, all kind off romanian food ;)
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11 Sep 2015 17:04

MandelSoft wrote:You can always wake me up for some good lasagna!
Yess! Lasagne for the win! :D
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11 Sep 2015 23:07

Fries, Fries all the way!!

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12 Sep 2015 18:42

Fr. Bill
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12 Sep 2015 23:38

Chocolate & ice cream
Both together and apart
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20 Sep 2015 11:30

Michael Rosen wrote:Dobos cake is the best honestly.
It really is. Seriously, everyone, you can eat a million cakes and the dobos torte will exceed them all.

I also love kakaós csiga, kürtőskalács, and virtually every other type of Hungarian dessert. Although, German desserts have a great selection too.

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20 Sep 2015 13:42

Very random... :D

Anyway, Pizza and chip's


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20 Sep 2015 14:08

Leivasupp, lasagne and anything with chocolate :)
indeed leivasupp looks like poop
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