Cant download Promod because download link blocked in india

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05 Sep 2015 05:15

Go to kproxy

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05 Sep 2015 05:52

If you are using Google Chrome you can download "Hola free VPN"
It is an extension and then set the country to closest nearby country with internet freedom... maybe Singapore I think??? or australia.
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05 Sep 2015 21:10

Any other way to download or i should think abt not to think abt promods

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06 Sep 2015 01:07

The answer has already been given, use a VPN or proxy
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08 Apr 2016 07:37


Guys, to answer the OP question - you don't need proxies to download because that gets blocked too.

Here's a simple trick but works a treat! :) Trust me, I downloaded Promods 2.0 from Zippyshare while in India, so yeah, this trick works. I use this method for most of the blocked sites in India and 9 out of 10, actually work.

As soon as you click on the download URL provided on the Promods page, you will find that the browser tries to open the link but gets blocked. Here's the solution: Go to the address bar, and add "s" to the "http://" bit to make "https://" and click ENTER. Voila, it works! Yes, all you need is an "s" at the end of "http".

Don't miss out on Promods because of this glitch. Without Promods I would have given up on ETS2 long back!

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