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06 Oct 2015 19:57

There is a thread for trains, but why not planes/airports?

I like aviation myself, and IAD is my main airport (bad as some parts of it are).

VS is my favorite airline (as of now)

Headquarters: Frankfurt am Main

Current Truck: DAF XF Euro 6(<5000km)

Journey Screenshots (Old Photos are on Pages 1-5):

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06 Oct 2015 20:31

I'm working in aircraft maintenance. ;)
Last week we had the delivery of our latest and at the same time our 45th anniversary Boeing 747-8.

It got a very special livery. 8-)

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06 Oct 2015 23:51

In my city's airport, 2 airplanes frequently land at the same time.
Here is a video:
Mapping... somewhere

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07 Oct 2015 00:09

I love planes. :)
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07 Oct 2015 03:13

Definitely a passion for aviation here. Very big FSX/P3D fan. So many great addons for both

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07 Oct 2015 04:25

I am also a aviation enthusiast so you can imagine how I felt when a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be working on a Air Base ( as a civilian ) and never got boring watching FA-18s and C-17s coming and going .
But the biggest thrill I got was when I was considerably younger having the incredible privilege of being allowed to "walk" through , read crouch as I'm over 6ft (187m) a Lancaster bomber and it got better as the aircraft was being air tested this is something I've never forgotten .
Most of my childhood was spent aircraft modelling ( Airfix) much to my late mother's annoyance as she was always having to duck under the hanging models and my late father and I would spend many a wet and cold ( not unusual in the UK ) day making models and I could always count on his knowledge as he was in the war serving in the RAF on bombers in SEATO .
Since I started using computers however this changed to playing aviation games on them starting with F15 strike eagle ( 80's graphics ) then going onto FS9 up to FSX then it started getting expensive and the deathblow came when it was abandoned by Micro$oft and never felt going back now I'm using this great game.
Adrian 8-)

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07 Oct 2015 06:24

In aviation, I like aerobatics.

Especially blood run cold from the figure run on 1:50 - 2:05 seconds
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07 Oct 2015 09:51

Anybody else use Flight Memory?

Total Airports 112
Total Airlines 56
Total Aircraft type 113
Total Routes 245
Total Countries 48
Total Continents 5

Most northern airport: OUL, Oulu, Finland
Most southern airport: CHC, Christchurch, New Zealand
Most eastern airport: AKL, Auckland, New Zealand
Most western airport: SFO, San Francisco, USA
I am Image Dutch living in Image New Zealand and I speak Image EN Image DE Image SE Image FR

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07 Oct 2015 17:34


Total Airports 5
Total Airlines 1
Total Aircraft type 4
Total Routes 8
Total Countries 5

Most northern airport: TLL, Tallinn, Estonia
Most southern airport: MLA, Luqa Int., Malta
Most eastern airport: TLL, Tallinn, Estonia
Most western airport: BIO, Bilbao, Spain
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07 Oct 2015 17:40

Flights: 0 :lol: :cry:

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