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17 Jan 2016 18:47

I were actually close to an airplane accident, if the situation have evolved worse than it was. Happened in 2007, with a charter flight. We saw it started to come dark smoke from one of the jet engines, but it was not too seriously and we landed safely. I think we flew with Bulgaria Air, not sure if it was Bulgaria Air or Bulgaria Air Charter. It was a direct route though from my homecity to Burgas Airport.
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17 Jan 2016 20:39

I also don't like flying with planes, risk of crash
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17 Jan 2016 20:58

It is in the hands of the pilots, with the help of air traffic control (ATC), to ensure that nothing happens to them, the passengers, and the airplane. Pilots nowadays are being trained to handle situations where something would go wrong with the airplane itself, and it requires a lot of decision-making, communication, and risks.

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18 Jan 2016 00:10

Randleman wrote: I'm just scared of the whole package that comes to it. The extreme speed, the height.. I am terrified of heights.
I mean, when I go to Finland to visit my girlfriend, it'll probably be a 2,5 hr flight at most. But I will just hope she won't smell my sweat the moment we see eachother at the airport lol.
I am scared of heights too. I hate standing on a tall set of ladders or being on the top floor of a tall building.
But in a plane I'm not scared, everything below looks like a miniature world and you feel safe because you're in a "cocoon"..
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18 Jan 2016 05:35

Same for me.
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09 Mar 2016 15:40

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24 Apr 2016 17:54

Anyone excited to play Dovetail games Flight School? Release was pushed back to May 24th 2016. It needs more polishing.

Not sure if Flight School will be 64 bit but Dovetail has confirmed Dovetail Games Flight simulator will be 64 bit which is very exciting news. Release for that is later this year or maybe longer. Depending how development goes I guess. Dovetail has partnered with ORBX for this too. P3D will have to step up their game for sure. Glad I didn't spend the $200 for P3D V3.

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