13 November 2015 - A Day To Remember

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14 Nov 2015 02:09

I send my deepest condolences to those who lost loved ones from the tragic attacks in Paris tonight. Let this be a day to remember for France.

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14 Nov 2015 06:03

Terrible day!RIP Everyone :(
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14 Nov 2015 08:00

Just if you knew how angry I am... because if the handling of the situation doesn't change now (it's already too late), this will happen more and more often, in various places :cry: anyway, I'm sorry for bringing this topic up, however I had to say this.. Let's not talk about this topic though, I can assure you that it is pointless to talk about it.

Rest in peace, everyone.

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14 Nov 2015 08:34

It is sad, what happened in France. I hope that our friends are okay. Rest in peace all families.. :(
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14 Nov 2015 10:00

So sorry to hear.... RIP all victims and let's hope our friends are okay.
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14 Nov 2015 10:19

RIP all the victims and my condolences to their families. :(

although this is only my opinion, i think this event marked the beginning of the collapse of Schengen.
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14 Nov 2015 11:29

Damn, it happens again... RIP
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14 Nov 2015 11:48

RIP victims, my condolences to the families. Much courage for our french neighbours.
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14 Nov 2015 11:49

#PrayForParis :cry:

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14 Nov 2015 12:20

Rest in peace everyone!
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